Saturday, 26 July 2014


  DIY Pink Satin Bow Blouse / Kimono*- Quiz Clothing / Skirt*- OASAP / Pink Heels*- Quiz Clothing / Necklace- Primark 

Hey guys, sorry this post has been a bit delayed due to my current busy work schedule. I've got a new job as a waitress to earn money for University. It's been so busy rushed off my feet all day, by the time I come home I collapse onto my bed. Anyway this look was inspired by my current muse, Charlotte Fisher, a blonde headed, pastel princess who blogs pretty things over at 'Things I do, think and buy'. She caught my eye after I saw her at a blog event with Arabella Golby, another fabulous blogger. I watched one of her Youtube videos and love her awkwardness and humour, I wish she would Vlog more often. Anyway, a few months back I saw Charlotte rock this pink bow satin bandeau and it works so well with a kimono and perfect for Summer. She originally got it from the store, 'Never Fully Dressed' over in the tops section. I fell in love with it and had to make a quick version myself just to match this magical Kimono from Quiz Clothing. I really love the print on this piece its beautiful and almost like a water coloured painting, however the downside as I am always honest with you, is that the tassels are hooped so I have noticed it gets caught a lot on doors and trollies as I am flouncing around. 

Charlotte is a very inspiration lady as she has opened up my new love and collection for pastel shoes, why did I ever wear black before, pink shoes are far better than having a wardrobe of funeral coloured footwear. These pink heeled babies are the most wonderful shoes ever, for a lady with little feet the buckle secures you in, as I've probably said before. So yeah I have a new job guys, that means money and the ultimate life lesson of learning the value of money. I now never want to shop again, as my earnings mean a lot to me, especially after the leg aches I've been through this past week. I did have a little spend however when I went to the Paul Mitchell Event down at Cardiff Bay. I bought some of my favourite things from Lush, 'Bubblegum Lip Scrub', 'Sex Bomb' Bath Bomb and 'Mask of Magnaminty'. I also ventured into Primark to buy these little sparkly beauties, little diamond headbands that are fit for a Princess. I think I saw Arabella wear a few and at the individual price of £2.50 you can't go wrong, they match almost every outfit, paired with diamond earrings and pearl necklaces, you will be feeling like a Prom Princess.
Lots of love,


p.s I finally have Instagram yay! @charlotte_clothier

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Paul Mitchell Hair Styling Event Part 1

Hey everyone I was invited to my first ever beauty blogger event today at St.Davids Hotel & Spa, Cardiff. I wouldn't call myself much of a beauty blogger but it was fun to attend and meet some other Welsh girls, Katie, Amy, Nikki and SJ. The event was held in a fabulous fancy hotel suite overlooking a glorious view of the sea. On a clear summers day it was beautiful, I couldn't help but daydream of how glamorous I felt. I know the hotel is quite an expensive place to stay so it was a luxury to have the opportunity to spend a lovely afternoon there. I was quite shy at first and overwhelmed at the hotel, sometimes its nice to get the time to focus on where you are and too take it all in.

The girls were getting their hair done one by one with two professional hair dressers, I was a bit anxious as to get anything done as I wear ratty extensions and my hair is a complete mess. I felt I would just humiliate myself, but after everyone was done I plucked up the courageous to just try it out and to my amazement the boys curled my hair beautifully, even my extensions were done! I can't achieve that from my GHD's, they used a magically tool called the 'Neuro Smooth' by Paul Mitchell. It's definitely something I'd invest in, the technology of the modern world are advancing so quickly that my GHD's that were seen as gold dust 4 years ago are now almost like an ancient artefact. I'm glad that soon I'll be able to achieve these wonderful foreign looking locks. The view of Cardiff was spectacular and if I had a choice for a present or a treat I would book a spa day at this hotel its the perfect getaway. Anyway stay tuned for part two of this post, I went on a little shopping spree before the event and want to show you all what I've bought!

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Cantucci en Capri

Dress*- OASAP / Coin Headband (worn as Belt)- Topshop / Earrings*- OASAP / Pink Heels*- Quiz Clothing / Coin Necklace- H&M / Floral Headband- DIY 

Ciao, hey I might as well speak Italian by the way I'm looking this Summer. Here is yet another Dolce Gabbana inspired dress from OASAP. The print was so beautiful and eye catching I just had to get it! I matched it with my coin necklace from H&M and my new pink heels from Quiz Clothing. I love them dearly, they are very comfortable and fit perfectly. I am quite fussy about heels as my feet are very petite and thin so I have trouble filling them. However these heels have a strap around the ankle that leaves you feeling secure in the shoe and you know your not going to fall over that easily. The belt I'm wearing is stretched from a headband, in the sale at Topshop, to a belt. If anyone wants to buy me the original coin belt by Dolce Gabbana feel free, its here!
Anyway whilst dreaming of Italy in the warm weather, surrounded by terracotta pots filled with flowers, I've been listening to endless playlists of traditional Italian music, just to get me in the mood. Next I'll be ordering brochures like the Virgin Suicide girls, its one thing I found I could relate to  in the movie. I've been making real flower headbands instead of buying them, one, you can choose any flower you want, colour, theme e.t.c and two, they are free and useful if you want to wear them just for a photo. I glued some flowers temporarily onto a headband just so it made my outfit pop with colour. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful hot weather!

Lots of love,