Vegan Statement Tees

Hey guys, I wanted to make a quick post about wearing Vegan Statement Tees as a form of Activism. Especially the tees that have a statement that creates reactions or gets people to look and think. I know there are a lot of lovely tees about such as 'Nagev', which is a catchy brand that spells out Vegan backwards. That can also become a conversation started as someone tries to understand what the hell your top says. 

Its all well and good looking lush in the gym, chuck some tan on, show of your abs but the Vegan Tees are literally the cherry on the top for me. I am so happy I purchased my 'Vegan because my body isn't a Graveyard' and 'Not your Mum, Not your Milk' tees from Amazon. I've kind of adjusted them so that they show off my tummy, which means hacking at them with a pair of scissors. They are all reasonably priced so it makes me cringe when I start butchering it. Being a Petite Lady basic tees are always long on me, which is a shame. These tees make me push extra harder in the gym as I feel I am representing Veganism. If people see that I have all this energy and strength, which I do (Carbed up on Bananas) Then maybe, just maybe they'll think about it. My favourite tee to wear at the moment is Hench Herbivore's '#VeGAINism' which sums up it all up for me. You gain so much going Vegan its unreal. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully will think about purchasing some Vegan Statement Tees. Don't forget to leave a comment as to whether you think 
Vegan Tees are a good from of Activism?

Lots of love,


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