Halloween Hot List

Hey guys, its so good to be back blogging, I've got lots of exciting posts prepared for Halloween. Here's a little sponsored post with Simply Be, they contacted me to share with you their amazing selection of Halloween pieces. My favorite are the Fluffy spider slippers and the Black Cat slippers how frigging cute! When they contacted me I was skeptical to work with them because I thought because I am so petite that there would be no selection of clothing or products suitable for me? But I was wrong, they tailor to all sorts of shapes and sizes you can find size 8 clothing pieces on there, bra sizes that go down to a 30A. Recently, I've put a bit of weight back on after  going through a stressful relationship so I'm back to a size 10-12 now thank gosh. Its really healthy to nourish your body with the right foods. That's what I've been doing and I can't wait until Halloween, because I love all of the sweets and chocolate that comes out in the shops!

I've chosen my favorite pieces from the site that include a lace body that you can wear with a pair of jeans as an outfit for Halloween. Or you could just wear it for a saucy night in haha. The silver embellished cape also caught my eye and it would look perfect with the body in an outfit. This wish list is kind of divided between some amazing Halloween themed pj's and lounge wear items to a potential spooky themed outfit with the choker. What do you usually do on Halloween? Stay in and cwtch up in the warm with lots of sweeties and watch horror movies, or do you dress up all fancy and head out and party? I'd love to know what your plans are for this year! or even what your going to dress up as.

Have a good evening lovelies,

Charlotte x

Summer Travel Guide with Amara

Hey guys, I'm back with a cute Pastel Pink Travel wish list, with some lovely bits and pieces picked from Amara. If I were to travel abroad, which I never have, I would take a some of these pieces with me. I have heard from other people who have travelled on a plane, that it's important to have a suitcase that stands out, so when you see it coming down the conveyer, you can spot it at a distance. They always sound so relieved when they were telling me these stories of how important it is to know your belongings are safe. This Ted Baker Suitcase is so beautiful and defiantly worth the money, what a better way to travel in style?  Another pick I've chosen is the pastel heart travel mug, I literally lived by these mugs, not only are they good for the environment because your not throwing away paper cups from takeaway places. You can easily top up as you go. When bought my first silver travel mug from Wilko about three months ago now, it was the best investment ever. You save so much money because buying from Starbucks and Costa can be pricey when it all adds up in the end! The third item I selected was the amazing pineapple print make up bag. Every time I travel even to places like London, I love making sure my belongings are packaged in an organised manner. Medications and things in one bag, make up in the other, important cards, money or passport in another bag. I'm constantly collecting them and always love the ones they do in Primark but this Pineapple themed one is a must have and its actually everywhere in the shops ready for Summer 2017. 

I found some amazing towels as well, and thats something that you need when your getting those amazing beach selfies. It will really make them stand out and look summery if you have a bright towel in the shot, or your laying on it in your bikini for example. This Sibylla towel has the most beautiful floral design, it makes me want to just hang it up and have it as a backdrop for a photo. As I was mentioning before about bags, I found some really cute wash and to wear bags on the site by Kate Spade, which keeps things super tidy and organised when your travelling around. I used to put my dirty clothes in a carrier bag, but then one time it got thrown away by the cleaner, so having a bag labeled clearly, always makes things much more easier. Another cute little item I found, was the amazing Lomography Camera, which basically is like an instant photo, using polaroid film, you take the photo and it prints out straight away. I have always loved taking disposable cameras from Boots for example on holiday, there seems to be such a better looking aesthetic to the image. Rather than carrying around a digital. The image has a nostalgic feel to it and you never know what its going to turn out like, which is the best. The last pick I chose was the Dust Pink headphones, which is a must when travelling long distances. There's nothing worse than trying to either fall asleep and you have the noise of other people. I find that with small earphones you can never block them out.  I would love to invest in some headphones one day, so that they last a long time, I am tired of my ear phones breaking. So there you have it, a selection of Summer Travel picks, let me know if you can think of any essentials to take when travelling? Hopefully I am getting a passport soon and will be able to go anywhere I wish! 

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

Spectrum Collections Vlog

Charm up your Summer with Thomas Sabo

Hey guys, I'm back with a beach outfit! I managed to catch a calm sunny day to take some photos. I knew I wanted to shoot the goodies I received from Thomas Sabo out on the sand and I couldn't have picked a better day. Thomas Sabo were meant to have a blogger event on the same day as Spectrum Collections hosted theirs over in Tramshed / Cardiff. Unfortunately, they had to post-pone it, but I was lucky enough to be invited into their Cardiff store and receive some wonderful gifts. A lovely lady called Emma showed me around the shop and told me lots of information about the selection of accessories and the new collections out for Summer, which was helpful. The store was beautifully laid out and as soon as I entered St. Davids indoor shopping centre, their display caught my attention immediately. 

So when I was told I could pick a charm for the bracelet, I knew I had to go with the The Evil Eye to signify a new beginning. A little bit of information about the charm Nazar's Eye,  it originates from the Turkish tradition of protecting oneself from evil.  I now feel positive and can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am looking forward to upcoming blogger events. So stay tuned for whats happening next! Hope you like the photos,

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

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