1.VINCI Breast Leaf Wallet  and 2. Black Lava Bracelet

Hello guys, I’m back with a cute little Vegan Leaf wallet review from Zessoo. The owner of the company AJ messaged me and asked if I would like one and share with you about how beautiful they are. I have been interested in finding the alternatives to Leather for such a long time. It’s so important as Vegans and as Consumers to be conscious of our consumerist actions. All of our purchasing of these fancy and fashioanable products have effects on those factory workers who are enslaved and mistreated, paid unfairly, all so you can look good. It effects the environment using harsh chemicals, it often includes animal cruelty, the skin from a Cow, Leather, suede, or using glues from dead fish. It all has a negative impact. If you would like to educate yourself more about Ethical Fashion you can watch an amazing documentary on Netflix called the True Cost

When I ordered this Leaf Leather Wallet, I asked for a bright and vibrant colour, and I like the size of it because you can fit your coins in there, 4 cards, and a space for notes. I was relieved to have found an alternative to my River Island wallet, which I hate pulling out every time. Its completely against my Ethical Fashion beliefs and I don’t like to support high street shops or mass producing companies.  Every wallet is designed uniquely so no two are the same, thats fashionable in itself right? Who wants to be a clone and all own the same RI wallet? not me. It’s water resistant and you can see where and how it was made in the video I have attached to this blog post. Zessoo posted a sneak peek of the production process. I think its so beautiful to see workers creating Ethical and handmade products in a slow process, in the open air and that takes pleasure in the creation. Its the way the world should run, but due to our high demand of mass production and our need to fill this void with just stuff we don’t really want. There is such a huge waste of items every year, millions of clothes in landfills, tips and charity donations as a result of people spending money on items that have gone out of fashion, or doesn’t work anymore. We don’t appreciate the value of money anymore. This is when slow fashion is needed in todays society. Each Zessoo wallet is not mass produced, not rushed, you will have to wait for the creation and the shipment. But once you receive it, it feels so special. Especially the way AJ has packaged the product, in a paper with flower seeds in, you can recycle, plant and create more flowers to attract wildlife. Such a thoughtful and unique way to package Ethical and Vegan products. 

Zessoo kindly gifted a Lava Stone Bracelet too, which I was surprised about. The meaning behind the Lava Stone:

Rebirth and shedding unneeded emotional attachment. It is believed to ignite one’s inner strength and to increase energy. It seeks to bring stability through changes and opportunity.

The little golden seed in the bracelet is called a Rudraksha. They are harvested from trees growing in the foothills of the Himalayas and are very highly valued for their healing and protective properties. They are believed to increase concentration, clarity, memory, bring peace of mind and prosperity. 

Hope you enjoy the photos, and take into consideration the consequences of your consumer actions not only with food but the way it effects lives of other humans on this planet too.

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  1. Unknown
    March 13, 2018 / 11:53 am

    Great review on Zessoo's Vegan Wallet and leaf wallets, thank you.