Hey guys, so last Friday I had such a busy day, I went to Uni and then afterwards rushed to get ready to attend a Lush Event in Swansea.  I took my housemate and we both ran over. I couldn’t go to the Christmas one last month so I attended this one. We were about half an hour late but they still kindly let us in. We had a few ‘Christingle Shots’ and some ‘Mocktails’ (Non-Alcoholic of course haha) which were so yummy! We quickly had a look around at the Christmas products. I love attending Lush’s Christmas Events they are always the best! This was the best time to shop for yourself as well so I spent a bit of money I earned through my blog on some Lush Products. I needed a good pampering session after the first week of third year in uni. The work load is crazy this year so I won’t be blogging as much sorry guys. So here is what I bought from Lush;

My favourite Deodorant Bar, Aromaco, Grease Lighting which is a spot treatment that I seem to be blending in with my moisturiser at night and in my primer when I put my foundation on, its a god send! The Olive Branch shower gel, because I am addicted to the smell. A lovely lip balm and lip scrub for the Autumn Months its important to moisturise those lips that can become chapped in the cold weather. Mask of Magnaminty which I made all of my housemates try and they loved it, then Lush gave us a few freebies, which were a Cranberry Face Mask, it smelt very Christmassy. They also gave us Apandapand Soap which smells lovely. 

Then afterwards I took my housemates out for lovely stroll around the City to see the PurpleFlagWeekend which was basically the place lit up in purple but it was so magical.

Lots of love,



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