Hey guys, so here is quick review of one of the dishes from Wagamama. I had planned to go their to spend my thirty pound voucher from goodie bag at the Cook Daily event London. I ended up having this Noodle Curry Bowl, with tofu on top, it was proper spicy. I had Pak Choi, and Broccoli greens for the starters, a Green Smoothie called Positive which was delicious. I had Guava and Lemon Grass sorbet for dessert, it was the only option on the menu which I was a bit disappointed with. In London,  Noodle Bar, they had a lovely Chocolate Tart and a Matcha Cake. They need to up their sweet tooth game to be honest. I sat by the window and went about my thing recording my own photos and videos. I love sitting in windows, you know people watching. The facial expressions people were giving made me just made me laugh. Mostly people look confused or laugh and smile. Anyways, I went to go up and pay with my voucher, nervously handing it over to the check out guy and he said ‘yeah it has £30 on it and it still does’, I was like oh my god I love you. That was super kind of them and unexpected. It made my day seriously, I was going through some shit the days before and you the universe always has a way of telling you things are alright. So, I will go back again and try more vegan dishes on the menu and finally spend my £30 voucher. 

Lots of love,

Charlotte x


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