IMG_0663IMG_0661Hey guys, this post if way over due, but I need to get it done before 2018 ends because it was such a memorable moment of this year and I took such great photos, it needs to be documented in a blog post! I attended Vevolution this year with my Boyfriend on the 10th November at BFI Southbank London. We caught the train quite early in the morning and arrived at Paddington an hour before the event started. When we arrived to Southbank we had no idea where we were going and google maps wasn’t helping either. We walked around in circles for ages and finally some Vegans asked us are you going to Vevolution, we only asked because you are wearing a Vegan Bag. Ahh yes! That always helps doesn’t it. We then followed them to the main entrance. When we got there we were expecting large queues but it was very quiet, so that was good. When we arrived we were giving a Red Goodie Bag and a Red Wristband. This meant we had a free food voucher which allowed us to choose at lunch time what we fancied.

IMG_4621IMG_4624IMG_4625IMG_4627IMG_4630IMG_4636IMG_4637IMG_4638I was amazed at the building of BFI Southbank it was perfect for Vevolution. I have been attending their events since 2016 when I went as Happy Cow Ambassador and represented Happy Cow, giving out stickers etc. Last year in 2017 I was kindly asked by Damien and Judy the Founders of Vevolution if I would help cover the event on their Instagram, along side a couple of other social media guys. I was running about last year trying to capture the moment and then post live to Instagram, it was hard work but so worth it. The experience  I gained from meeting the most amazing influential people in the Vegan Community, that have built businesses or achieved great success in their health and wellbeing thanks to Veganism or who have either changed the game in the animal rights movement and made people think twice about supporting Cruelty. I was just overwhelmed I had the opportunity to meet these people and it taught me a lot, hard work DOES pay off and to never give up. Keep pushing for a better and more vegan world!

Vevolution had given us a complimentary breakfast, we picked up a cookie, yogurt by Benugok and a Green Juice by Plenish Drinks to start the day. We were super starving from the train journey, they never have hardly any vegan options on trains ugh! This really gave us some energy for the day it was great. So thank you Damien and Judy


On to the day! We headed into the main section where the Vevolution stage was held, we had a plan to sit there most of the day seeing as I was looking forward to listening to a few favourites like Kristen Leo who I watch often on Youtube. However, we sat there for the introduction and two talks before sneaking off early to get some food before the mad rush. I found it hard to eat on days like these where everything is so fast pace I get too excited to sit down and relax. We opted out for Planted, which looked the healthiest Vegan Option this year against. I have also tried the other Vegan Food Stalls there and I wanted to try something new. This year in 2018 has been more about eating consciously and healthier. Veganism can be healthy but can also be full of junk food too, thats why I like to stick to whole plant foods that come from the ground they seem to digest easier for me and have improved my skin.


We did however, get tempted by the Eat By Chloe Marshmallow Cookie Sandwich and the CBD Oil Chocolate Cupcake! Mmm, we’ve never seen anything like these before, we had to try one. Dan and I sat outside to cool off because the Venue got quite hot and I got quite flustered with the amount of people in London. With my social anxiety sometimes being in busy places or confined spaces can cause me stress so I like to visit London and then leave for the Countryside later knowing I can escape the chaos.  Not sure if that CBD cake worked I think I need about 10 of them whilst I visit London haha


We then headed back to the stage to listen to a few more talks. I was looking forward to this In conversation with Stefanie Moir hosted by Venetia Falconer. I met Stef last year at The Vegan Camp Out as I was a huge fitness freak and adored her for what she stood for. This year I sat in the audience and just listened to her being interviewed. She is always the same, genuine, down to earth person I’ve ever met that is a Youtuber/ Vlogger of course. You always get the feeling that Vloggers are a bit up themselves but Stef is not like that, even when I went to go and get food in the Court room, she came up to me and remembered me from last year. Even with my new black hair! I was so overwhelmed that she just spoke to me like a normal person instead of the crazy fan I was last year. She’s lush!



During our lunch at Vevolution, Judy came over to us and we had a catch up, she then offered me to the after party which was SO nice of her. I am really grateful for all of the amazing opportunities they have given me and I love supporting them anyway I can. When the event finished we headed over the Eat By Chloe, where the after party was being held. Little did we know there are multiple Chloe’s in London. We walked in the rain across a bridge, consoling ourselves singing the spice girls. Wills Vegan Boots drenched right through to my socks were squelching, bus drivers giving no flips and splashing us with driving in massive puddles. Gosh it was hard work but we were dedicated to walk to the after party, of course after getting invited duh!?

When we arrived to the OTHER Eat By Chloe, it soon clicked that no event was happening here. Every was cwtched down stuffing their faces with delish vegan foods! Quickly checking the time and re-entering the correct address to the actual after party, we had to walk fast over to Tower Hill Bridge and then Eat By Chloe was right on the side of the Bridge down some steps. PHEW! We made it out of the rain, drenched, but happy to have made it! It was packed full of people I had briefly met last year from the after party or faces I recognised from Instagram. I was quite shy to say hello to people this year to be honest. I had a bit of a bad year in 2017 when I attended Vevolution and my mindset wasn’t in the right place. I was coming out of a toxic relationship, so I looked for approval in everyone and tried to make a good first impression. Things just get messy when your not your true authentic self to people, so I much preferred staying out the way with my boyfriend and nibbling on some free food that was given out and enjoying the atmosphere. At last years after party I was drinking quite a lot to numb my insecurities and so I could be more confident and talk to people, this year I just wanted water but they kept handing out alcohol! haha the irony. Dan was happy to have some food he’s always hungry, he helped me take my blog photos which I am so grateful for too. If it wasn’t for his amazing company and patience I would look like a loner at Vegan events and festivals. I feel like crying even to write this in a post but I’ve never found anyone like him, he just understands me.

Anyway, I hope you like the photos that I managed to capture of the event, leave a comment if you attended or if you would like to attend next year.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xxx

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