Hey guys, I have SO much content to catch up on and post on here, its literally driving me crazy. I don’t know what happened but since September when I threw myself into the deep end, started asking people if I could couch surf, just so that I could have people around me, because I felt so alone. When you come out of a number of failed relationships, you tend to lose friends, because you become too consumed with each other and dependent on them for comfort and happiness. I’ve done this since I was fifteen, its not advisable. I also wanted to challenge myself to see if I could travel around for a bit, with no money, a huge student debt over my shoulders and see if it would give me the opportunity to start focussing on what I want to do with my life. Which was firstly to establish my blog life again. Something that pulled me out of the dark shadows of anxiety and depression at the age of sixteen. I know if I focussed it would be able to pull me through again, because its something I am so passionate about. I am trying to put together blog posts on a daily basis and catch up with the insane amount of videos, photos and content from Sept-Dec. It seems like such a short period of time. But SO much has happened during that time and I am so grateful for the kind hearted people who let me stay on their sofas, who fed me and took out their time to talk to me. You’ve inspired me with you words to keep chasing my dream and to never give up. I was able to get back on my feet after a confidence set back and establish who I was again. Thank you so much with all my heart! xx

Anyways here is a Vegan Christmas Haul for you guys. Most of the items I had got given as a gift, and the others I had purchased myself. I want you to remember that, I will only post gifted items if I strongly like/love that product. I will not post anything I don’t like, period. 

Lets start with a collection from Eden Perfumes, they are 100% Vegan which means cruelty-free, not testing on animals and does not include animal ingredients. 

The perfumes are so similar to the originals its amazing. The fact that Eden were so able to do this, saves a lot of people who can’t let go of their favourite scent, which unfortunately often supports cruelty. If you had that option? heck why wouldn’t you go for the same scent but cruelty-free right? I went with FlowerBomb, the number is 460, you’ll be able to find it on their website. Valentina was another favourite and that was number 90. I also got other patchouli smelly scents, but they weren’t quite as floral and feminine as I wanted.  Eden have two stores in Brighton that you can walk into and try on their perfumes. When I visited their larger store, the lovely people who work there are very welcoming. They want to be able to find the right perfume for you and allow you to test many different scents first. 

Another favourite for this Christmas was purchasing this Pink Tea. I’ve seen it everywhere on Instagram and I was dying to try it out. Its made from Mangosteen, which is a powerful antioxidant. I love herbal teas so much, as I try to avoid caffeine because it rocks havoc with my hormones. This tea though is not like any other you’ll find in Tesco or any super market stores. Mainly because of its gorgeous packaging and great benefits from drinking it regularly. Here are a few facts I discovered about drinking Mangosteen Tea. 

  • The Mangosteen is a Tropical Fruit, not related to Mango! 
  • Its been part of traditional herbal medicine for centuries
  • Helps with skin infections, intestinal problems and other ailments
  • Has strong anti-cancer properties 

Find out more information here

I saw these cute Little Vegan Bunny Soy Candles on Instagram and I just had to get one myself. The packaging is so cute and its important to choose soy candles as a Vegan because most candles have Beeswax in them and thats from an animal, which is quite cruel to be honest. To find out more about why Beeswax is cruel you can research a few things here. But basically they melt the honeycomb with boiling water and then strain and cool it. This process in itself causes devastating effects to the lives of bees. Even though beeswax itself doesn’t derive from the bee itself, the whole production of destroying their homes (honeycombs) and the mans part of trying to control their breeding process. When you should allow them to live naturally, without humans imposing on their survival.

I know I didn’t get this Veganuary goodie bag for Christmas, but it feels like a gift. When I went to the event launch of their new book coming out in January. They gave us the most jam packed goodie bags at the end, it did feel like Christmas. This is whats left over, a few Pulsin bars. I was incredible grateful at what Veganuary are trying to do. That it also feels like a gift to be able to support them anyway we can as Vegans. We know its so exciting trying to make people see how delicious and how amazing being Vegan is. They say we are too pushy sometimes but we are just super excited because we know its the right and most powerful thing to do with our lives, is to be Vegan. As a gift to you guys and a gift to everyone, try and let them attempt a plant based diet for January and sign up for free here. They send recipes to your email, tell you what to buy. You literally don’t have to pay for anything! apart from the food you buy… 

Sign up to Veganuary for free today

Next fantastic item that was gifted for Christmas was from the lovely Vegan Watch company called Votch. I’ve had my eyes on this all black little number since I tried it on at the Ethical Fashion Event with Vevolution in April. I was so thankful that they actually sent one my way. Its a dream come true. I wear it everyday and its so lightweight that I forget to take it off sometimes and sleep with it on. I one hundred percent have been supportive of Votch since I first discovered their brand. Mainly because not only are they Vegan Friendly, they are Ethical. So they don’t support slave labour, and there is no animal ingredients like Leather, which is cows skin? ew! in their products. Hooray! You can read more about the Votch here.

In October I went to Miss Patisserie’s birthday blog event in Cardiff and I know I didn’t buy all the beautiful contents within this lucky bag. But how frigging cool is it? They literally spoil their bloggers so much. I got so excited about the marble bag ahh. I’ve tried the Coconut Coffee Scrub before and it smells so lush you could literally eat it. I’d advise not to though. Even if you have run out in the morning. I got their Watermelon Moisturiser, which smells beautiful on the skin. Reminds me of Summer. All of their products are Vegan even though the name of the bath fizz cupcake is called Milk & Honey. I assure you there are no animal ingredients inside. So don’t worry about that. The bath bombs are the best, they are full of colour and for some reason I love supporting local brands that are established in Wales. For example Miss Patisserie was created by two Welsh ladies and their branding, their company’s morals about being Cruelty-Free and Vegan goes so well with my own. That I can’t help but to be obsessed about their products. I’ll create other blog posts about the events I attended back in Oct-Nov 2017 time. Like I said though, I’ve got so much content and so little time to post it, before a whole new year starts! Ahhh 

I attended a Kat Von D launch in September in Debenhams, Cardiff City Centre. I had never tried any of her products before and was surprised that they were Vegan and Cruelty-Free. During the event we were mooching around trying everything on. Then at the end they surprised us and said that we can buy anything with a Debenhams voucher that they gave us. I was like oh my gosh what do I choose? There were so many choices. I went with this beautiful gothic perfume called Sinner. Its my favourite ever. It’s dark and sultry, hints of cinnamon, vanilla and white florals. It can be worn onto of her other fragrance too called Saint. They also gifted us some lovely foundation to wear too. The KVD make up artists matched it to our skin colours and suggested what one to go for. At the time I was fake tanned up to the max, so regrettable I got a yellowish toned one. Which just didn’t suit me at all. I decided after the event of being inspired by the pale, gothic looking ladies, that its such a beautiful think to be confident with your own natural skin colour. The pale skin with the bright red lipstick was so eye-catching and inspiring I started to rock it and unfortunately couldn’t wear the foundation anymore. Anyways the one they matched me with was a Medium 53 Warm. To be honest, the foundation was probably one the best ones I’ve ever tried. It covers up acne and create such a flawless look. If I had time again I would go back to the Kat Von D girls and get matched up with my pale skin this time. 

I attended an event at Waterloo Tea Cafe in Cardiff in November. Hosted by the wonderful Naissance, who like Miss Patisserie are a Welsh founded brand. From Port Talbot! Yay! I’ll talk more about their event in another post, but I wanted to show you the amazing goodie bag they gave us. I was completely spoilt by all these wonderful companies this year, I didn’t need any presents from anyone. I said I have everything I need, I don’t need anymore. These little gifts though are such a necessity to your everyday life. Its important to have bath bombs, oils or things to use in a bit of a pamper sesh. They gave me some oils to use for massaging, but because I don’t have a bae anymore. I decided to use them in my hair or on my skin and they are perfect. They also made us a lovely little mixture of oils to use on our skin, I can’t remember what was in mine, but I know it was a Jojoba oil blend. Which is super good for the skin. They also gave use some Rosehip oil, which has been known for its wondrous benefits to heal skin and for hair growth. At the event we got to make our bath bombs, bath salts, and a coconut and lime scrub. It was a small intimate event but so worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, stayed tuned for more photos and information about the event. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite products of this festive season. 

Lots of love,

Charlotte x




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  1. Haley Maddison
    January 1, 2018 / 10:44 pm

    Great post, I got my first Eden perfume this year too – the only perfume I ever wore was D&G Light Blue – and I love that I can get the same scent from a cruelty-free and vegan company. Looking forward to more posts in 2018 x