Hey guys, wow I haven’t posted since March, so sorry about that! Its been a crazy couple of months. I decided to get back into food reviews now and contacted restaurants around my area that I noticed who were making Vegan dishes on their menu’s. There is an independent Mediterranean restaurant run by a lovely family called The Stuffed Tomato. I had a Vegan dish there for my brothers birthday and then contacted them later on if they wanted to work together and I could take some photos of their amazing dishes. I loved the presentation and the summery feel to these dishes. I had to go back by myself and focus on the close up shots of the food. We had a table out the back yard, so it was better lighting for the food photos. For the starters we had Greek Gigantes Butter Beans in a rich tomato Sauce, they cost £4.95 a dish. They were really warm and delicious, it was one of my favourite dishes. Very comforting and familiar as I have always associated tomato style beans with jacket potatoes or beans on toast which are homely dishes.

After that we sampled another started called Stuffed Vine Leaves, which inside were rice and onions, on the same platter was a well presented salad, hummus and avocado. It was delicious because I have never tried Vine Leaves before and as a Vegan for two years I love trying new dishes. They cost about £3.95 on their own but I should imagine with salad and the extra’s would be about the same price as one starter £4.95

For the mains we had the famous Stuffed Tomato dish, which I’ve had once or twice prior to the blogger evening. I’ve tried the dishes, when the tomatoes were small and there was lots of salad and I’ve tried it with big tomato and not much salad. So I have seen both ways of how they present this dish. This time however, they have really nailed it, with the perfect portion size of tomato, the rissotto rice inside in a delicious rage style tomato sauce and what was new were the chunky bits of veg inside the tomatoes, like peppers and courgettes. Great touch to that. The ratio between the tomato and the bed of salad was great. That dish costs about £12.95 and it is very filling and beautifully presented.

The final dish was the spicy pasta dish, in a tomato sauce with tagliatelle. The was a new one I had not tried before. The dish was tasty and in the sauce was beans and veg from what I can remember, so they spiced up the sauce a bit more and made it more interesting. You can alternatively Veganize some of the menu that you can find on their main website here. They do a Vegan burger too, without the cheese is Vegan. They understand Veganism and are always bringing out new ideas, like a Vegan tea party or a Vegan Breakfast. 

If you want light summery Vegan food and your local to Monmouth, Usk area. Try out The Stuffed Tomato for sure and let me know what you think. 

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You can now find The Stuffed Tomato listed on Happy Cow, if you take any photos of the food, leave them a review either on their Facebook page here.

Or on their Happy Cow listing here.


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