Hey guys, I’m back with another Vegan Food Review, this time I visited The Alchemist in Cardiff with my Boyfriend when we went to see Florence and the Machine Live at the Motorpoint Arena a couple of weeks ago. We had always passed the building never really knowing what was inside. I thought it was just an average Cocktail Bar, but to my surprise when I looked at the Menu they had Vegan options available. Thank Gosh! I knew then we just had to go in and try it out. We walked inside to be greeted and seated to a table right in the back room where they have restaurant tables and a whole lot more seating area! I was quite surprised because at first glance you just see the front part where the bar is and I thought it would be hard to do food videos there without everyone watching and trying to eat their food. It was very quiet in the other restaurant room and we had a pick of the tables. I obviously being obsessed with content and instagram wanted a table with a lush illustration in the background. It was quite dark in there so thankfully I brought along my selfie light I bought cheaply on Amazon. They are also great for lighting up food in darker restaurants to get some good food photos. I was still quite nervous but excited at the same time. The decor was quite mystical and dark, I was bursting for a pee so headed downstairs to try and find a toilet. The cellar/ dungeon area was very black and eery, but yet it had an element of magic in the air. Dan Hillier, the main illustrator for The Alchemist  had his artwork in frames everywhere in the basement/ toilet area. Also his work is on everything, from business cards, to the bill bottle, on the walls. He must be so proud because his work is phenomenal. If you don’t already recognise his artwork, he did the album art for the band Royal Blood.

Anyways, it was time to order! To begin we as a Vegan your options are the following for:

Starters & Sharing

Houmous with Veg Sticks & Tortillas £5.50

4 Vegetable Gyozas £6.00

OR  you could just have some separate nibbles

Olives £3.50

Edamame Beans £3.50

Padron Peppers £4.00

Warm Ciabatta £4.50

To Have and to Hold / Light Lunches

Vietnamese Banh Mi Baguette, pickled Veg, Tofu & Sriracha ( hot sauce) £9.00

Not sure about this one, ask to double check / The Moving Mountaings Burger

100% Plant Based & 20g of Protein £12.00 (it says V, but they may be able to Veganise it for you)

The Main Event 

Katsu Curry, with Krispy Kale & Rice with Cauliflower £11.50

Fajita’s, Sauteed Peppers & Onions on a hot Skillet with warm tortillas, guacamole ( I asked and the Guac is Vegan) Sour cream ( they can change it to coconut yoghurt) and tomato salsa. With Cajun Seitan Nuggets £12.50

Keralan Curry, Full-on and Fragrant chickpea curry with Cauliflower Rice £11.00

Poke Bowl, Sesame Rice, Mango Pineapple, Soy Beans, Seaweed, Brocolli & Pickled Veg £10.00


Skin on Fries £3.00 / Salt & Pepper Fries £3.50 / Sweet Potato Fries £4.00 / Tenderstem Broccoli £3.50 / Crispy Kale £2.50 / House or Rocket Salad £3.50

Don’t be afraid to ask if something is Vegan or if they can change the menu slightly and they will be open to tailoring and helping you with your Vegan diet.


My Boyfriend and I had the Vegetable Gyozas for Starters and Olives. The olives had stones in the middle so we were biting around them and looked like Hamsters! The Veggie Gyozas were lovely too, we were so hungry it was hard to really appreciate them. The next we had Keralan Curry for one of the Mains and we had Fajita’s with the Cajun Seitan Nuggets. They were so tasty, I loved the way they presented them to us on a plate that was sizzling. Alchemist is all about experience and creating magic with Food and Drink and the decor. I felt very mystical and excited at the same time to what to expect, we had no idea what the Alchemist was at first but when we left we definitely wanted to go back and try more foods and drinks. The Keralan Curry was so good too but my boyfriend had most of it because it was quite spicy. He loved the Cauliflower, it was light and fluffy and tasted healthy too. For dessert we had Rice Pudding with Pineapple and Mango. You’ll see it in the photo below, they electrocuted the sugar and it made fluffy bubbles. Some may find quite off putting but I found it such an amazing and unique idea for presenting food. Underneath the purple pansy of the Rice Pudding was a blob of blackcurrant jam, surrounded by chopped up mango and pineapple. It was just delicious. Words can’t even explain, you need to go there and try out the food. Thank you to Adam and Beth for giving us a Cool discount because we were taking SO many photos and videos of the Food.

Lots of love,



vegan food, alchemist cardiff

vegan food, alchemist cardiff

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