Hey guys, I am a week behind with the Sunday Summary posts because nothing much happened during the first week of March that was exciting enough really.  I celebrated St. Davids Day by making fresh homemade Welsh Cakes which tasted amazing. I gave some to my housemates and then ate the entire plate myself, whoops. However, on the first weekend of March I finally planned to meet another Blogger based in the area called Oroma and she the photos of my two Monochrome outfits, you can see the posts here and here. With her help this photos received great feedback on Lookbook, it really makes a difference when you can get other people to take your photos, only now I am starting to realise that. It’s the confidence you have to have within yourself to relax in front of the camera and then trust within the person to make sure they get your good angles. March is going to be a bit hectic now with lots of presentations and deadlines in Uni, but Easter is not far away and I’m excited about planning some shoots. This year the pastels aren’t coming out for Spring because I think it can get a bit boring each year to associated Spring Trends with Pinks and Yellows, so I’m trying to mix it up with a 70s earthy tones this Season.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x


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  1. Zoe Portia
    March 18, 2015 / 4:36 pm

    i've been following your blog for years and i've only just realised i don't follow you on instagram!!

  2. Samantha Merritt
    March 18, 2015 / 10:52 pm

    Your instagram is gorgeous! I'm getting a little obsessed with this particular social media tool. On it constantly getting inspo xoHalcyon Velvet