Hey guys last Sunday I headed to the Vintage Market and met Oroma which I’m going to meet soon, I can’t wait it was so lucky to have bumped into her. I’ve been poorly all week and been on dreaded antibiotics again, I think the only way, if I can keep it up, is to drink lemon in water daily to detox and flush my kidneys. The same day I developed a cold sore which wasn’t as bad as the outbreaks I’ve had before because I’m taking l-lysine capsules regularly. But still it means no blog photos as it still leaves me quite self conscious.

The following Monday I started to incorporate fitness more often into my schedule as well as blogging and uni work. Its hard especially going into uni the next day when you ache all over. But its a good and healthy way to release stress and anxiety. I’ve been wearing Miss Guided Active Wear and I love it, it motivates me even more. 

Tuesday I was getting in the mood for Valentines day and bought little things from the pound shop, you cant go wrong when it comes to cheap decoration. I bought chocolates and cupcakes from Marks and Spencers, well you have to spoil yourself first, right?

Thursday, I heard that Florence and the Machine was making a new album and had released a new song, which is super exciting for 2015. I listened to ‘What kind of Man‘ and its quite rocky, unlike what she’s done before, theres feeling and raw emotion within her lyrics. I borrowed a 85mm 1.8 Canon lens from Uni just to test out with my blog photos. You can see how I got on in my Delphine post, it was quite a humorous experience. The photos look so professional however with the beautiful blurred depth of field background.  Oh and what a perfect way to top of a Thursday when ASOS Fashion Finder created a style crush page about my fashion. It was so lovely of them and I got really excited about it, you can have a nose here. 

Friday I was beyond excited for Fifty shades of Grey to be released, not because I’ve read the book because I haven’t but because of Jamie Dornan. If you’ve seen him in the BBC Two Series of ‘The Fall‘ where he was this hot Irish Serial Killer you’ll want to see this film. They chose the right guy to act this part, he’s got those low mean eyebrows and the natural cold and emotionless expressions. Which of course make him hundred times more sexier. I wasn’t too sure about his American accent though, I would go and see it again of course even just for Dakota, she played the part perfectly. I’m not saying anymore just go and see it. I went by myself but the Cinema was so full that it was quite a girly and giggly experience when everyone laughed at the awkward sex scenes. 

Saturday I spent with my Boyfriend, planned to go out but weirdly enough I had a bit of an panic attack due to the amount of people, its something I haven’t had in a while, I think its perhaps I am getting cooped up in the bedroom constantly blogging. not good. But in the end we came home and watched two movies, ‘Gone Girl’ which was absolutely bonkers, and then ‘Divergent‘ which is my favourite female kick ass film. It tells you that you can do anything you put your mind to, and can overcome fear with determination. It was so lovely to finally have a great Valentines day to finish the week off. Now time to focus on Uni Deadlines before the Easter Holidays! 

Lots of love,

Charlotte x


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  1. Ana Soares
    February 17, 2015 / 10:25 am

    Love the photos :3Ana, xx ♥