Hey guys back with the regular Sunday Summary post, haven’t posted since just after Valentines Day which makes it hard to choose the best images from over the last two week of February. I to celebrated the Chinese New Year with trying my first ever Mango Bubble Tea and Milky Chinese sweets. It was amazing, I had it cold and with Mango Star Jelly Toppings. I can’t wait to take friends there and make them try it as well. I worked with a Photographer and took photos with lots of students watching and that was fun, I haven’t had someone take photos of me in a while. It was cold but the photos turned out brilliantly and one of the images was featured on the Wales Most Stylish Top 50 people and I am grateful to be a part of that.

London Fashion Week started on the 20th Feb so that consumed up most of my Instagram photos, trying to capture good live photos from the stream was proven very difficult. It was a shame not to be there this year, but in September it will be better because I plan to meet up with my best Blogger Friend Paige and Spring/Summer collections are always my favourite. Also my goal is to try and start branching out to Designers and request show invites, I’m sure hundreds of Bloggers do that but it would be nice to get a chance to be invited, even if its just one show. Now that Meadham Kirchhoff aren’t participating in London Fashion Week anymore I have been feeling a bit lost so this year I took my time in viewing all the collections, without knowing any history of the Designer, it was quite refreshing. You can check out my London Fashion Week post day one, two, three and four. I didn’t post about day 5 because I only enjoyed one collection and that was by Ryan Lo. I went to a Smash Box Event met Welsh Bloggers you can check out that post here.

It was great to try out make up and I am quite fond of perhaps starting more beauty related content posts but I didn’t know whether it was from the make up but I had an allergic reaction and my face was really bad the day after. 

Towards the end of Feb I tried to improve my health a bit more and started drinking Green Boost by Matt Dawson. I bought in the Penny Sale at Holland and Barrett, its full of Vitamin B12 which I lack, and as a result you can suffer from Anxiety and Depression. With taking a teaspoon of this green stuff daily in Orange Juice I am full with so much more energy to study at Uni. I’m trying to incorporate natural products into my beauty and skin care routine, especially on my face instead of perfumed moisturisers. I liked using a Turmeric Face Mask to get rid of spots which if you would like to try you can check out the recipe I followed here. I bought a few great products from Lush that improved my skin as well such as the 9-5 Cleanser which removes make up instead of baby wipes or make up remover wipes, its very calming. As a daily moisturiser I went with Celestial which is full of Almonds and very good for calming sensitive skin.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x


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