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    Spectrum Collections Kindly invited me to their Blogger Event on Friday in Tramshed, Cardiff. I rushed from work and got the train down to Cardiff Central, I was super hungry and when I got there I was surprised that it was quite a casual event. Last time I went to one of their events Milgi’s Kindly supplied the Vegan Food. To have a look at the 2017 Blog event you can check out my video here:

    2017 Spectrum Collections Event

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    I was a 20 minutes late for the Event and it started at 6pm-8pm. I didn’t really know what to expect, I’ve never been to a Pop Up Shop Event before and I guess I had high expectations of Spectrum Girls to host an Amazing Blog Event like the one in 2017. This one was laid back and you could help yourself. When I arrived, the girls at the door checked your name was on the list, they gave you a ticket to get a Free Cocktail, there were Pink Doughnut Vegan Cupcakes made beautifully by Lilys Bake Box.

    When I went behind the Selfie Station, there were tables full of brown boxes with their stock in it. You could buy a make up brush set for £10 each or a Vegan Make up Brush for £1. My old consumerist self would have gone mad over this and I could have easily bought every single thing that I loved. I have made a vow to myself to be more conscious about my shopping habits and only buy things that I need, this means if its fallen apart or no longer working. This is the motto that our ancestors used to live by, I remember my Nan never spending money on lots of things and clothes and she would make do and mend. Either make do with it or fix it instead of trying to replace it. However, todays society everything is so readily available to us and with the clever ways that the Advertisement industry makes us feel like we need these products to feel validated, popular or any other reason why they try to keep making us buy buy buy, without really thinking do I really need that, or am I happier and grateful with what I already have.

    I took a few photos, had a Cocktail on an empty stomach and a Vegan Cupcake, I didn’t know any of the Bloggers or Influencers there anymore, I feel so old at these Events now because its not the same people that used to go to the Events so frequently in the past. I couldn’t help but feel very insecure when I’m surrounded by super stylish girls or guys, who have perfect make up, perfect tan and seem to be bubbly. I’m an introvert and I guess you could say I’ve always kinda been a social outcast, but I’m ok with that because the best people are the ones who don’t fit into this world of Kardashians.

    I am grateful that Sophie and Hannah have made a lot of money with their Vegan Brushes and being local girls from Penarth, they worked really hard to make an independent business and as entrepreneural women they inspire me a lot. I’m sure the other people invited really appreciated this and the fact they had first dibs on the reduced stock before the public were invited on Saturday & Sunday must have been so amazing for them. I can’t help but think, are these products made fairly? and where are they made?  are the makers paid a fair wage? I know its Vegan but is it Ethical? With those thoughts consciously running through my mind, I often buy things I fancy treating myself to once a week, from Depop instead. Don’t get me wrong I love Spectrum Collections Creations, they are unique and super girly, but if I would like to buy one of their products I’d prefer to purchase a used or pre-owned item and for the money to go to a girl on Depop who may be a student, or need the money for food, or to buy make up for herself, who may not have a comfortable lifestyle at the moment. I know when I sell things on my Depop I am so grateful for even earning £10  because I know I can save it or afford to buy myself some make up which we us girls use quite regularly don’t we!

    Hope this post didn’t seem too negative, I know being a conscious consumer takes more thought and it can be inconvenient but we have a responsibility to reduce waste and be an example for future generations and try to save our Planet!

    Lots of love,

    Charlotte x



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