Hey everyone I was invited to my first ever beauty blogger event today at St.Davids Hotel & Spa, Cardiff. I wouldn’t call myself much of a beauty blogger but it was fun to attend and meet some other Welsh girls, Katie, Amy, Nikki and SJ. The event was held in a fabulous fancy hotel suite overlooking a glorious view of the sea. On a clear summers day it was beautiful, I couldn’t help but daydream of how glamorous I felt. I know the hotel is quite an expensive place to stay so it was a luxury to have the opportunity to spend a lovely afternoon there. I was quite shy at first and overwhelmed at the hotel, sometimes its nice to get the time to focus on where you are and too take it all in.

The girls were getting their hair done one by one with two professional hair dressers, I was a bit anxious as to get anything done as I wear ratty extensions and my hair is a complete mess. I felt I would just humiliate myself, but after everyone was done I plucked up the courageous to just try it out and to my amazement the boys curled my hair beautifully, even my extensions were done! I can’t achieve that from my GHD’s, they used a magically tool called the ‘Neuro Smooth’ by Paul Mitchell. It’s definitely something I’d invest in, the technology of the modern world are advancing so quickly that my GHD’s that were seen as gold dust 4 years ago are now almost like an ancient artefact. I’m glad that soon I’ll be able to achieve these wonderful foreign looking locks. The view of Cardiff was spectacular and if I had a choice for a present or a treat I would book a spa day at this hotel its the perfect getaway. Anyway stay tuned for part two of this post, I went on a little shopping spree before the event and want to show you all what I’ve bought!

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