DIY crown
DIY shoes
Dress (*)- Chicwish
Rabbit necklace(*)- Club Couture
Earrings(*) Rings and Tings

Hey everyone! I am so looking forward to May! the weather in April is so rubbish. Today we had a huge hail storm and I ran and got my camera to capture it! It was so heavy it set the alarm off on the car. Sorry for exclamations marks but I was so excited! Anyway I have so much going on in the blogging world at the moment I still need some form of plan! I feel like my head is just floating and bobbing around in deep water and all I seem to be doing is looking at the pretty fish and day dreaming. Instead of actually trying to get out of it and get my feet back on the ground. Does anyone else feel like their aren’t enough hours in the day. I have made hundreds of lists of outfit posts and ideas e.t.c but never seem to get it all ticked off. I have been dip dying some skirts this evening ready to put on my new store, diy or dye.  But I am going to add a little sea shell shape on the back from some scale print material, which will look awesome. I have also been informed by this tumblr style called sea punk I have never ever heard of it before, and I guess I couldn’t of because I hardly go on tumblr. But it really fits in nicely with my whole mermaid outfits that I have made previously. So prepare yourselves for a month of Mermaid and Sea Punk-tactical outfits. It is such a lovely theme to work with, full of greens, blues, reds and pinks.  I’m just waiting on Mr. Postman to deliver some parcels then it should all be ready to start!

My look is inspired by these wonderful photos shot by Daniel Sannwald




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