Hey guys so here is Part 2 of the Overview of 2014 it was a crazy start but then settled down when I approached second year of University. The amount of work was thrown at you quite quickly and I didn’t have much time to blog, as well as the nights started getting darker.

 – August was the last month of my Midsummer dream, I tried to fit in all my other pastel/floral clothing I had left during the last warm days. I became heavily inspired by Dolce Gabbana new Sicilian collection for Winter 2015 and started hunting for darker prints for September. I attended my first Lush Blogger Event in Cardiff and met some very lovely #welshbloggers it was such a great day out. I tried to make the most of the countryside before packing to leave for University in September.

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September was my Birthday month yay! I attended London Fashion Week and met up with Paige. We were a bit late trying to figure out how to get to Somerset House, but in the end we managed to get there on time and luckily we bumped into Becca Rose, which was a dream. We chilled out all together and she is such a laugh, wish Arabella had stayed longer though, my fellow lookbooker. We tried to get into the Meadham Kirchhoff show but it was in a much more discreet location now and I think it was for invite only. Although we did see lots of famous faces and Paige got a photo with Susie Bubble

-I also got invited to Flossy Style Shoes Monochrome Event at the Milestone Hotel which was divine. I was so thankful to meet up with Adora and we started chatting and have lots of things in common so that was nice. It was such a beautiful event and I really enjoyed meeting other bloggers such as Georgina. 

September was a very busy month I headed to another Event at the Etail PR Gifiting suite where I met Leigh Travers and a few other wonderful bloggers. We talked for ages and it’s like I’d known her for ages, she was so lovely. It was a great experience heading to London for lots of events in this month, but also very expensive when you far.

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October was spent trying to get stuck into my busy University work schedule. I loved how the leaves were all turning orange and were scattered everywhere thats my favourite part about Autumn. I was also more excited about Halloween and Bonfire night than I was about Christmas to be honest. My style was still inspired by Dolce Gabbana both their new Winter 2015 collection with the Woodland prints and the good old Baroque Gold Embellished dresses.

November was a quiet month I tried to hit all of my deadlines for Uni, you know that dreaded essay. I was also torn between finding beautiful locations around town and dressing accordingly to the weather forecast. Layers were on top of the list along with knee high boots from Primark. I did get a bit lost with my style as my mind wasn’t focussed on my blog so much, sorry about that University was priority. 

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 –December month, it’s Christmas, great! haha this month was spent watching the whole box set of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit and chilling around town, enjoying the festive market. Whilst getting ready to go home and see the family I was torn between leaving my housemates or spending time at home. I am getting to that age now where I want to be able to do my own thing instead of having the pressure to make the family happy, some of you will understand that.

-I redesigned my blog with Pipdig designs which was such a great step for my blogs overall appearance, it feels all professional now. I finally managed to blog about my Chi Chi Dress that I was meant to wear to London Fashion Week but it was way to regal to be walking around London like that.

Lots of love, 

Charlotte x

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