Hey guys, I’m back blogging and this time it’s a new start. I have finished university and now have the whole summer to do something productive. Instead of lazing around or starting a gym routine, like what I did last summer, I have decided to start to put time and effort into blogging about ethical fashion and Veganism.  I have transitioned to being a Vegan about three months ago now, a number of things changed my thoughts. Mainly the fact that deep down I always had an inkling that eating meat was wrong, and that eating chickens periods and cows breast milk was wrong, but I didn’t realise how wrong. I did not realise the cruelty that went into the production just so we could satisfy our hunger needs. When I connected the two together, I started to research more and explored three documentaries, Earthlings, Forks over Knives and Cowspiracy. These changed my life, I felt like a cloud had lifted from my head and I was able to see the truth in everything.

When I started seeing such injustice in the world and how fucked up everything actually is, I became quite angry. Some of you may noticed I took this anger out on the fashion blogger world, because  I felt frustrated at how they have a large number of following but take no responsibility for their actions that promote slave labour in the fashion industry and the exploitation of animals. When you start off as a Vegan its normal to go through this anger phase and I have lost a lot of people that I called friends through it. But as the Vegan Couple said to me via snapchat that, “those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind“.  They are my adopted parents in the Vegan world, check out their videos. 

So yeah that has what has started this change on a new path, it should be easy to live ethically and morally right in the 21st Century without exploiting slave labour or murdering innocent animals. I plan to blog the way I used to be but think consciously how my actions effect the world.

Peace x


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