Last weekend I was kindly invited to Celtic Manor for an Afternoon Christmas Tea. I saw a few photos from last years Event and it looked most wonderful so I was really excited to attend this year. I had only ever visited the Hotel once and that was last Christmas to retrieve a few vouchers for our relatives Xmas gifts. It was nice to finally sit down and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere that the Celtic Manor radiates. I didn’t really know anyone who was attending this Blogger Event and once I arrived I recognised a few faces, which was a relief. It is always nerve racking when you attend an Event where you don’t know anyone. Thankfully I met some lovely people, once I overcame my social shyness. This was a big step for me to attend an Afternoon Tea, I have always had social anxieties about eating out in public places, something that manifested itself as a young teen. So I gave myself a pat on the back for actually attending this Event and finally overcoming my phobia. 

Once I arrived at the Celtic Manor, I was greeted with such politeness by the Hotel staff. They really try to make you feel so comfortable in a place which you could feel slightly awkward because of it’s such fanciness I guess. Firstly a Bar Tender gave a demonstration of how to make the best Mulled Wine, the taste was fantastic and I’m not a big Wine drinker but the spices in it such as Orange and Cinnamon really gave it that festive taste. 

We then had starters which was delivered in a little baskets, which were not too heavy to eat before the main Tea. Then came out the three tiered stands full with finger sandwiches and sweet cakes. There was so much to eat we were allowed to take some home in boxes, thank God. I didn’t want to waste anything it was far too delicious. To finish were served fresh scones with clotted cream and jam and we had a choice of either Chestnut or Cranberry flavour. The best thing about the last course was the fact it was served warm, which makes such a difference, because when they were brought into the room the smell was fantastic.

Overall I was glad I attended the Event, as I met the wonderful Welsh Blogger, India who was so beautiful and such a lovely person to talk to. We discussed future Events that would possibly like to be hosted at the Celtic Manor and she talked about her recent trip to London. It was such a magical Afternoon and it really put me in the Christmas mood, which doesn’t normally happen because I don’t tend to enjoy Christmas that much. Thank you so much Celtic Manor, you have left such a wonderful memory of the Event that I think everyone should go and try out for themselves, its such a perfect gift. 

Lots of love,



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  1. Ana Soares
    November 27, 2015 / 7:34 pm

    Really cute pics :3Ana ♥http://aruivablog.blogspot.pt/