I was kindly invited to Lush Cardiff’s Christmas Launch last week and I said to myself I would drive down, park up and attend the event alone. I only passed my driving test this year in May and I’ve never driven to a City Centre on my own before, so this was a major challenge. I put the Sat Nav on and made my way down to Cardiff for the 4.30 slot. Lush had created time slots for certain Bloggers/Influencers this year instead of having an event in the evening dedicated to Local Companies/Brands and Bloggers. When we attended our slot it meant that we were mingling with the day time shoppers and one selected Lush Member were giving the demonstrations and showing us around. I wasn’t alone in my slot, I managed to meet the couple from A Transitional Life Blog. Personally I love meeting other Bloggers at these events its partly why I go to them because we always have so much in common, with the obsession of getting content, videoing, photographing, boomeranging… It was nice to meet them, they were so lovely and friendly. Last year I went to a Lush Christmas Evening Event and I found it quite intimidating as some Bloggers were acting very stuck up and no one really spoke to each other. Some acted too famous to talk to you and I felt intimated rather than a sense of community. I guess this is whats happening in the Blogosphere now, from when I started Blogging, that sense of community and closeness is drifting apart, as more brands and companies are investing their money into the more well known Bloggers & Influencers and sending them samples, therefore being a lack of Blog Events to attend and Socialise together. With those who DON’T have 75K Followers. I love the Micro Bloggers and I’ll love them for life!

Anyways, last year we had a bit of an awkward Lush Member showing us around, she was lovely but very pushy and awkward, when we wanted to take photos she was kinder staring at us and it made me feel quite anxious. She then followed our every move and tried to sell us stuff, we left the event feeling quite overwhelmed and had no goodies or anything to take home so I was quite disappointed to be honest. I’ve been going to Lush Events for years and years and every one has always been so different but so memorable. This one I just called it off as a bad experience really, however, Lush was kind enough to send over some Goodies as an apology and for me to review the Christmas Range on my Blog.

This year the Event was fab, I loved it, it was very intimate with just a selected Lush Member who was down to earth, she was funny and didn’t take it all too seriously. After she showed us the Christmas Range and mentioned that its all 100% Vegan which is fantastic! No checking the back of the packaging for honey or beeswax anymore. My favourite items that are shown in the photos below were, The NEW Snow Fairy Amazeballs, that Frothed up proper Lush in a Demo. Can’t wait to try that out! Then Yog Nog Shower Gel, Galaxy Lip Scrub, Santa Reusable Bubble Bar, Snow Fairy Spray. I was shocked when we were told that we could select up to 5 Xmas Favourites. Of course I went with the Snow Fairy Spray, its such a nostalgic scent for me and reminds me of when I was a teenager. I can’t wait to use the NEW Amaze-ball Bath Bomb, it looks like a lot of fun. After we selected our favourites, the Lush Team Member mentioned that we could choose a Knot Wrap to wrap up our goodies with. She told us that Lush believes in trying to reduce the amount of waste this year, by wrapping your goodies in a Knot Wrap thats made from Recycled Bottles, instead of wrapping paper. There is literally no need to wrap Lush Goodies up in Wrapping Paper!! Its not needed guys, its for one day, try to think of our Planet please.

Hope you like the post, let me know what are you favourite Xmas Lush Goodies? I am thinking of doing a Giveaway with these Gifted Lush Items, I want to be able to say thank you for supporting my blog and on my Instagram by the likes and comments, it really means a lot, now that the Algorithms change so much, hardly any of our posts get seen now. So stay tuned and look out for the Giveaway, its going to be a good one!

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

L1L2L3L4L5L6L8From Left to Right, Snow Fairy Amazeball / Snow Fairy Body Spray / Galaxy Lip Scrub / Yog Nog Shower Gel / Santa Clause Reusable Bubble Bar 




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  1. October 20, 2019 / 10:06 am

    I do love a LUSH haul! I admit as well when they follow you around I spend far less. I wish they wouldn’t push their staff to sell as much cos I would spend 10x more if they left me to my own devices! Love the pictures btw!