Hey guys, yesterday I attended my first LUSH Cardiff Blogger Event, now I know I’m not a beauty blogger but to meet up with other fellow welsh bloggers was the main reason for going. I sat in Starbucks for a good three hours as I was fashionably early. Then other bloggers met there at about 6.20pm, the lovely Jo (Ojo’s World), then followed was Alice (Aliceinalooking glass), Briley (Briley Powell ), Hannah( The Make up junkies diary) and Claire ( Evans-Crittens). We had a good laugh and a quick chat about our blogs, its lovely to share an interest with ladies from all sorts of backgrounds and ages and yet we could still talk for hours about our little blogs.

The evening started off with an introduction by the LUSH Cardiff team and then we went around in groups watching demo’s of new products being introduced to the Lush range. Now I’m not one to review beauty products but to be able to test them out with a room full of beauty bloggers, I kind of got an idea what was best/suitable. First reviewed were the Lush Sun Care range we all tested out, British Nanny Facial Moisturiser, Sesame Sun Tan Lotion, Life Saver Sun Screen, Million Dollar Facial Moisturiser, Powered Sunshine Sunscreen and The Sunblock Bar Wash. We all mostly disliked the Seasame Tan lotion as it smelled nutty quite like peanut butter and it was quite strong and off putting. The Powered Sunshine Sunscreen was quite messy if you wanted a quick apply before heading into the sun. Life Saver Sun Screen had a shimmery glow and was nice to apply so was British Nanny, but my favourite was the Sunblock Bar Wash and Million Dollar Facial Moisturiser, both very lightweight and fragrance free and the Bar could be applied in the shower and would provide SPF 30 protection from the sun all day. 

After our first experimental demo’s we were all smelling beautiful and were offered to taste a new tea by the Waterloo Tea House in Cardiff. I tried the Puerh Ancient Shu Classic that was drank chilled, which is very different for such an avid tea drinker like myself to try out cold tea. However it was rather refreshing and had a unique taste but its good to try new thing out. Then we were offered a lovely piece of chocolate cake which was quite nutty and tasted delicious. 

We all headed up stairs for our second demo by this lovely Lush lady, it was about the self preserving facial masks and lotions. If you want to know more about what Lush are putting into their products to get that little bit longer shelf life only using natural ingredients, read the article about it here. We were introduced to Mask of Magnaminty, Ocean Salt, Dream Cream and a New Charity Pot. Of course not all of these are new but they have slightly changed the recipe by including more honey to make it more self preserving. I recently bought Mask of Magnaminty as it has been a favourite since I was young and I’ve noticed its consistency has changed. It is a real favourite of mine on one of those pamper days you treat yourself too, it has a cooling effect from the mint so it leaves you feeling refreshed and cleansed. 

After the second demo we were offered a slice of Lemon and Poppy Seed Sponge along with another taste of a unique tea, this one I couldn’t quite remember the name of as the cake tasted so good. But this tea was more my favourite as it was hot and had a slight taste of honey.

The last demo was upstairs and it was about the perfume range. Obviously I tried everything and ended up smelling of so many different aroma’s. My favourite smell was Vanilla, it was light, sweet and a perfect feminine smell. There was a fragrance called Lust that was very old fashioned smelling, would suit a rockabilly chick, or an elder female. Smugglers Soul and Dirty were typical lad smells, very strong smelling. Then Karma and Sun were unisex and very fruity and summery. 

We then tried a gluten and dairy free piece of orange cake, that was quite different but glad they accommodated for the special dietary requirements of some people. The texture was very gooey but the taste was quite strong as sometimes I’ve noticed on gluten free products that they can taste quite dry or bland. We tried the Lemon Grass tea which wasn’t to my taste at all, it was weird tasting and very hot to drink. 

After a lovely evening I got some freebies to take home and walked the train back with Alice and Leanne (A slice of my life Wales)  its great to have local bloggers to travel with to events in Wales. I love it.

Lots of love,


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  1. Claire Evans
    August 28, 2014 / 10:26 am

    Lovely post. Was a lovely night-everything smelt so good! Love your photos. Hope to see you soon. love Claire x

  2. Anonymous
    August 28, 2014 / 10:56 am

    Really enjoyed reading your blog post chick, very thorough an great photos! Xx

  3. Ollyvia Laura Arnold
    August 28, 2014 / 10:50 pm