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Hey guys, I am finally back from interning at JoJo Maman Bebe
in London. I was kindly offered two week placement by my beautiful blogger
friend Paige. I couldn’t afford staying in London for two weeks and to miss lots of Uni, so I decided to stick with just one week. Which was more than
enough for someone who hasn’t even stayed in London for more than 24 hours
before.Paige and I were discussing life
after Uni because before you know it I will be leaving third year and moving on
into the big wide world. The job I wish to have in the future requires more
experience than a degree will give me. This means applying to graduate jobs nows and even internships. So that’s why Paige was kind enough to offer me this place, she organised that I could stay at her colleague’s place that was away on business in Wales.

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Cute brick house London

It was funny to stay in someone else’s bedroom I haven’t
been away from Swansea in such a long time. It was like a mini break for me as
well, her room that I stayed in had an en-suite and it was decorated so
beautifully in a shabby chic style. There were bunting and Cath Kidston bits
and pieces all over the place, what a dream. 
It was all fairly close to work and to Paige’s house, we both got a bus
in the morning to Clapham Junction and went from there.  I picked up the tasks Paige gave me fairly
quickly due to my years of blogging skills I had developed.  It was funny to be on the other end of the PR
system not as the blogger but as the person deciding whether to send samples or press requests. It makes you think how the quality and the way you respond to an email really effects the way companies judge your overall appearance and as whether
they will consider to work with you.

I learnt a lot about the company JoJo and everyone was so
friendly, we had office dogs which were my favourite of all, I miss my dogs
from bag home so it was nice to see waggy tails on a daily basis.The week went fast and I am sad to be going
back to Wales after such a great time in London but I am so thankful to Paige for organising this for me. I had such a great time and I feel refreshed and motivated to continue to study hard and be brave to move on from uni with a positive mind. 

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  1. Paige Calvert
    March 19, 2016 / 8:54 pm

    Thank you for the lovely post, no problem at all and I hope it does great things on your CV and for your confidence 🙂 xxx