Black Floppy Hat- TOPSHOP/ Victorian White Blouse, Zara- EBAY/ Key Necklace- H&M/ Black Skinny Jeans- MISS SELFRIDGE/ Black Knee Boots- PRIMARK/ Black Cape- H&M/ White & Gold Circle Glasses- RAY BAN

Hey guys so it’s the first week back at University and its already been busy with a deadlines. I’m creating a photo book if I haven’t already told you. Anyway the weather has been cold this week so I haven’t been able to go out and find locations for outfits. However, today it was lovely and sunny and I headed to this 18th Century house just around the corner. I was cheeky enough to take photos outside, the architecture is beautiful and matched my outfit perfectly. I’m basically living in this black floppy hat I bought from Topshop, the past couple of months. It’s great because it shelters my hair from the wind and rain and its quite mysterious. I’ve had a lot of people comment on it and some making jokes but either way you have to be brave to pull of a big hat I reckon because it attracts a lot of attention. Also this month I have practically lived in these black knee high boots from Primark, they are super comfy and go with almost every outfit. The black cape I got in the January sales from H and M for £5 which is brilliant, its lightweight unlike the one I bought from Topshop a few years back that was heavier. The Ray Ban shades belong to a friend but they seemed to fit the 60s vibe the outfit is channelling.

Lots of love, 

Charlotte x

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  1. Maria Jones
    January 8, 2015 / 7:33 pm

    I know what you mean about those hats attracting attention, I came in to college one morning wearing all black with my floppy hat, leather gloves and my cape and the moment I came into the room my friend started laughing (in a good way) and told my I look like such a fashion bitch. So, even in an art and college it stands out. I refer to it as my 'other woman attending the funeral outfit' maria-in-wonderland.tumblr.com

  2. kerry norris
    January 9, 2015 / 9:35 am

    Fab pics and cute outft x