Hey guys, I’m back posting my outfits to my I visited the Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant, Milgi’s in Cardiff.  It was the best place to take outfit photos in their garden, it was full of flowers and vintage furniture. I loved this rustic oil drum and thankfully my boyfriend didn’t mind taking some outfit photos for me. Its so much easier than looking awkward and putting my camera on my tripod and taking my own photos. Every blogger needs a photographer boyfriend, trust me, I didn’t realise it made life so much easier. He’s so patient too, bless him. 

Anyway, I wanted introduce to you a few Ethical, Vegan and Sustainable brands that I have found and are loving so far, I had to incorporate them into an outfit. 

The Black Vegan Votch was gifted by Votch and I could have not thanked them enough. I went to one of their events in London, the creator Laura, touched my heart when I heard about her story. I remember firstly listening to her talk at the Vevolution Ethical Fashion event in May 2017. Since then I have been showing off this watch to everyone, its feminine, its light weight and it literally looks like leather. Lots have always tried to catch me out and claimed I was a Vegan wearing a leather watch, then once I told them what it was actually made from, they were shocked and had to try on the watch.  

On to the socks, they gifted by Swedish Sustainable Stocking Company and I fell in love with them. They had this vintage aesthetic to them, very 70s style. They looked perfect with chunky sandals and and they are very comfortable. The socks are made from 97% Recycled Polyamide and 3% Elastane. Using recycled materials needs to be the future of fashion, we can’t keep producing more fast fashion and for that to be ending up in landfill sits and for it to not be biodegradable. More brands must used recyclable materials, its so important especially after watching the documentary True Cost on Netflix, it makes you understand the devastating effects fast fashion has on our environment. 

Hope you liked the outfit and the little ethical & sustainable brands I have found, there will be a lot more where that came from as I start to educate myself more and find good quality brands.

Lots of Love,

Charlotte Clothier x

Red Vintage Sunglasses- DEPOP / Old White Shirt- H&M / Thrifted Denim A Line Skirt- DEPOP / Black Vegan Watch- VOTCH / Black Clutch- RECLAIM BAGS / Cream Klara Knit Socks – SUSTAINABLE SWEDISH STOCKINGS / Old Black Sandals- PRIMARK 


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  1. Izzy
    August 8, 2018 / 3:43 pm

    Yes for this post! The title is right, also I love love Milgi. Didn't realised you're based in cardiff? The Quirky Queer