I bet some of you are looking forward to tucking into some Chocolate Easter Eggs this weekend. For some of us milk just doesn’t go down well with our bodies, especially myself in particular. I have tried to avoid anything with milk in it for a long time, so my alternatives have been, soya milk, almond milk, oat milk and coconut milk. 

Why? because I have noticed personally that milk upsets my tummy. I also used to get horrible spots and just felt pretty bad, I haven’t been confirmed yet that I’m lactose intolerant, but thats beside the point.  Don’t you think you’ll feel better knowing *no cows were harmed*  (Warning) in the process of making your lovely Dairy Free Easter Egg? Why don’t you give it a go? try your hardest to go milk free for a week and see how it affects you. If you think oh I can’t, where would I get my calcium from, look no further…

booja booja, dairy free, milk free, vegan easter egg

1.  Booja Booja Dairy Free Truffles, A gorgeous gift box with truffles inside


dairy free easter egg, milk free, vegan

2. Lots of this, None of That Bunny

dairy free, milk free, vegan, holland and barrett

3. Organic, Dairy Free Chocolate Bunny 

dairy free easter egg, milk free, moo free, holland and barrett

4. Moo Free Original Organic Egg

milk free, dairy free, easter egg, chicks, cocoa libre

5.  Cocoa Libre Dairy Free Chocolate Chicks 


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