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On Thursday we headed to a screening of the Dominion Documentary at Le Pub in Newport. We bought tickets weeks before that were £5 each. I have never been to Le Pub before and when we arrived I was shocked to see lots of Vegan sign posts everywhere inside the Pub. The menu was mainly Vegan and I was just in my element. I bet you can relate right? When you find a new Vegan place to eat its like finding Gold. We ordered food right away before everyone started turning up for the screening. It was reasonably quiet and managed to get food fast! 

My boyfriend ordered Le Beast Burger that was £9 including fries, this was a double burger with a Vegan Soy Beef style patty and he went for the Crispy Jackfruit Chicken Style patty as well. He demolished it and said it was the best burger he had ever tasted, even as a meat eater it was much more full of flavour. 

I ordered the normal Le Burger that came with fries that was £7 and it was the same Crispy Battered Jackfruit Chicken Style patty and was delicious but very filling. After that we ordered a Biscoff Vegan Cupcake and then went over and socialised with other Newport Vegans. We met Sam Clews the organiser of the Dominion Screening, she was absolutely lovely to talk to and all the other Vegans were friendly and we had a good conversation. 

I heard there was a Raffle going and my competitive streak in me wanted to not only win this but knew it would be beneficial as a Blogger because there were lots of amazing Vegan Brands included in the prize. I think the prize was definitely worth over £100 and I’ll do another Blog post about what we won. However, prior to knowing about the Raffle I donated £10 anyway because I knew half the money went to Dean Farm Trust in Chepstow and the other to Aussie Farms who created the Dominion Documentary and it helps to fund them too. Both great causes so then I begged my Boyfriend to add another £15 to the Raffle because I saw the amazing prizes on a Facebook post whilst eating our Burgers. 

We headed into another room where there were chairs led out and a projector and we all sat down, I think there were about 20+ of us and we prepared ourselves to watch Dominion. Let me tell you now, its something you cannot prepare yourself for. It is far more moving and informative that any animal abuse documentary I have seen so far. Narrated by Rooney Mara, Sadie Sink, Sia, Kat Von D and Joaquin Phoenix, who originally narrated Earthlings Documentary. 

No words can be said about how to describe it, I think it will be a game changer once it is released and if it is posted up on Netflix. 

Hope you like the look of the food photos we took and if you have seen the Dominion Documentary already let me know your thoughts.

Lots of Love,



Outfit of the Day: 

Khaki and customised Tee, No Excuse for Animal Abuse* – LIVING BEINGS


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