Hey guys, I’m back with a post about the new Vegan Bowl launched at Wagamama, only in Soho at the moment. Its called #COOKMAMA Which is a noodle bowl! Served in the usual bowls which CookDaily has at Box Park Shoreditch. When I heard about this launch I had to head over there as soon as possible. When I went to Cook Daily in Shoreditch a few weeks prior, I tried their basic Noodle Bowl with a Pea Flower Tea, I had fallen in love! King CookDaily himself even re-grammed my food video of slurping his noodles on camera. I used a fork when I was at Box Park, so I had to attempt the chopstick action next time I tried one of his dishes.

Then I caught up with King at the Christmas Special of Vegan Nights London. I introduced myself and thanked him for re-gramming my video, and I was glad he found it weirdly interesting haha. He was serving a warming Apple Crumble and Custard and I grabbed a bowl and started recording myself. He came over and sat with me, unexpectedly and I could have literally cried. I felt so friggin cool, he’s such a legend and I’ve been fan- girling over how hardworking and amazing he is. He has such a beautiful little family too with such gorgeous children. He’s a role model for so many in the Vegan movement and even those who are interested in moving to a more healthier plant-based diet.

I’ve always had a love for Asian style food and I’ve had an obsession with the Culture from such a young age. I admire everything King stands for, coming from East London and making Vegan food appealing and accessible to any from any background. King had a launch party of the new #COOKMAMA bowl at Wagamama’s Noodle bar in Soho. I decided to tie it in with my last night in London. I felt a bit ropey before going, and during the day I started to come down with a bug. I still decided to head over and support him because I’m such a fan girl. The place was so full of the coolest people ever, I did feel a bit left out. Never you mind, I got my camera and perched down next to some lovely people on a table. The waitors were handing around, Yasai Steamed Gyoza which were Veggie Dumplings I think, and Fried Mushrooms in little soft buns. I managed to get another #COOKMAMA bowl and hit the bubbles. I asked a chap next to me if he could help me with how to use chopsticks and little did I know it was Kings Dad!! What. A . Legend! I asked him if he wanted to do a video eating on camera and he said ok. Best moment ever!

The dish was so beautiful and this time was a lot spicier. The dish contained Schichimi-coated Tofu and crispy Coconut Bacon pieces, with Wok-fried asparagus, tender stem Broccoli, Carrot, Cauliflower, Shiitake Mushrooms and Red Onions. Served on a bed of curried Udon Noodles, finished with Spring Onions, Coriander, fresh lime and a Sesame, Yuzu dressing. Yum!! You should definitely make a trip to London’s noodle bar in Soho and if not just try out the Vegan Menu at Wagamama’s anyways, its so tasty!

Hope you enjoy the photos, and short video I made about the event. I’m going to continue to post to Youtube so stay tuned.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x


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