Hey guys, I’m home for Christmas and I thought I would do part one of a festive blog post. Outfits will be posted tomorrow. Last night was one of the most magical Christmas Eve’s I’ve had for a long time. I spent it with my Brother and Sister- in Law along with my four year old niece. It’s such a special age to enjoy the magical spirit and the excitement on her face is worth more any presents can give. We watched Santa’s Sleigh fly west over the house, it was a clear night and it was visible to see. It was actually the space station orbiting the earth at a coincidental time to Christmas Eve or something but it was a good idea for Kids. It’s worth coming home just to get cuddles from Bert and take them for long country walks something you can’t do in the City so easily. I spent Christmas by myself which I quite enjoyed to be honest, I cooked my own dinner and relaxed watching Toy Story 3. The photos above are from my Instagram if you want to keep updated that way, but the internet is hopeless in the Countryside so bare with me. Hope your all having a lovely Christmas, whether your with a big family or by yourself, there are no rules for a perfect Christmas, just relax and enjoy yourself.

Lots of love, 

Charlotte x

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