Here is the outfit post I have planned for a while, I started sewing the fluff on the dress I bought for Halloween at the beginning of December. I’ve picked up on the recent trend for all things Fluff, I’m dearly in love with the fluffy boudoir sandals and fluffy trimmed dresses. Hopefully there will be some around in the January Sales to add to my collection. I was going to wear this outfit to a Christmas party before I came back home but it was way to cold, so I went with a sparkly jumpsuit instead. It’s inspired by the Mean Girls outfit of course! I love creating little set ups for photos it’s something I’ve missed whilst being in Uni, some of the older readers will understand my passion for location and props.

For Christmas I got lots of small little presents, such as the Rhianna perfume ‘Rogue’ which has captured my heart. I know it is probably a popular fragrance but nothing else seemed to appeal this season. I also got a lovely 50mm 1.8 lens which is brilliant for close up, give you that nice blurry depth of field. What matters most though is the food, and lots of it. Anyway, whilst Christmas is coming to an end I’ve learnt vital lesson, try to make the best of a bad situation. ‘m hoping to start Vlogging in 2015 after being inspired by so many talented bloggers, I can remember explaining to Amy that my voice is too deep & weird for Vlogging and she said ‘have you heard mine?’ haha this has kind of encouraged me to try it out. If you have any tips that would help!!

Lots of love, 

Charlotte x

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