Hey Guys, sorry for the lack of posting ever since I celebrated my 22nd birthday in September I was struck down with illness. Of course on birthdays your allowed to excessively drink, however I did it for three days and with the lack of sleep my immune system crashed. I came down with tonsillitis about a week ago, also I was curing a hangover and then on top of that a lovely big cold sore appeared. Who ever suffers with these when they are run down will understand what I mean, they are the cherry on the top of feeling rubbish. 

Anyway first week of Uni started this week and its already been hectic with work. But I have managed to head down to the Christmas Lush Event at Cardiff. I was half an hour late due to the terrible Arriva trains. I managed to meet some bloggers before they all left early, it was greet to see Charlotte, Alice, Katie, Briley, Kerry, Laura and Dina. Wish I came earlier so I could have spoken to them a bit more. As soon as I got in I scoffed a mince pie quickly and some pink rose lemonade, I was starving waiting around for trains. There were so many new products for the Christmas range, we had the place to ourselves to experiment with anything we liked. There were no group demonstrations this time it was very chilled and relaxed atmosphere. I liked the new spiced christmas products rather than the sweet candy ones, mainly because it reminds me of a time when I had mumps and it just makes me feel sick. Does anyone have that, something that reminds them of when they were ill and what was once your favourite taste or smell is now forever repulsive?

Anyway the Cola flavoured Santa Lip Scrub was my favourite along with the red tinted lip balm. You could wear it over your red lipstick for a nice moisturised feel. I completely admire the packaging of the gift boxes they are always my favourite, there is a gift for any age. Another favourite of mine were the bubble bath melts in the shape of little snowmen or glittery Christmas puddings. Towards the end we were handed a fab goody bag with the products, Hot Toddy Shower Gel, which has a lovely mulled wine smell with lots of glitter. Candy Mountain bubble bath bar and a Father Christmas bath bomb. I picked up a few of my personal favourites as well such as a big bottle of Vanilla Dee- Lite moisturiser which is my favourite, better than any other because of its natural ingredients. Ambrosia was a past favourite of mine specifically for shaving, it left my legs so silky smooth and last but not least American Cream conditioner, I thought I would give this one a go to hydrate my thirsty locks. 

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

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