July 2012
This month I like to call the ‘Whimsical Woes and Fairy Foes‘, my looks and photography became more of an escape from reality. I knew deep down in my heart I was in love with the wrong person and I was trying to love someone who didn’t see life as magic and precious as I did. I then tried to find love elsewhere. Then Summer was there right in front of my eyes, the warm breeze, the sparkling sun through the trees, the kisses from the roses and the grass tickling my bare feet. I never felt so close to nature like this, once you just let the world in its fascinating how it comforts you, and looks after you. You start seeing things in nature that almost seems like they are putting on a show for you to make you smile. The butterflies dance around your head, the birds sing a lullaby on the telephone wires. I loved making dens from bedsheets, collecting flowers from an empty cottage garden, I felt nothing else mattered. I was blissfully happy. Crown and Glory,  was such a marvellous well established boutique to work with.

This look lucky enough got me a place as a finalist in the Cosmopolitan Style Search.

August 2012
This month I was mainly inspired by Pin Up Girls, I bought a Candy Striped Bed Sheet from a Vintage Store and it made such an awesome backdrop to work with, I thought to myself I could do a lot of looks with this, by just quickly changing in my bedroom and snapping my outfits. I guess I was inspired by the lovely Annika! But then again I thought backgrounds are very important to me, especially locations they bring my ideas and concepts alive. So I started to venture outside and found some beautiful places such as the Lake with my Red Hearted Dress! it got shared on Lookbook’s Tumblr and received a lot of views within seconds.  But either way it was good to experiment and learn from trial and error.

September 2012
Was the month I was getting ready to leave for University for the first time, so I tried to rush all my ideas into one. My head was all over the place. I think I started to wake up from my Summer Sleep and faced reality. Most of the month I felt anxious and sad to leave the Countryside. You could probably guess in my looks I was stressed and not focussed. Also bad hair, a ratty wig and no money made me a very unhappy bunny.

October 2012 
Finally this month I had settled down into University, although I still found it hard to blog with so many people around. Im so used to the company of the Cows and Sheep in the fields. But I think I managed a few good photos this month, I’m so happy you guys stayed by me through to the next chapter of my life. The first look I took was up on a balcony over looking the sea, I stayed in a spare room for a week because I had caused to much drama in halls due to my lack of inhibition. Lime Crime,  was such an awesome company to work for, I was over the moon. Also Becky B Wardrobe such a great company as well. I started working hard once I had money to spend on clothes and the new Baroque trend especially caught my eye. I bought new hair extensions and got back on track finally feeling myself again, I had my feet firmly placed on the ground and ready to live.

November 2012 
My new art project led me to rekindle my love for the Pre-Raphelite paintings, and thus I dreamed of the elegance and romance that the women beheld in the artwork. However by this time the weather was becoming colder so I had to take photos indoors, which isn’t good when there are other students about. It became quite awkward explaining why I take photos of myself and dress up like this. If I pranced about the City in those Vintage Dresses and dressed up as Thumbelina I’m certain people would think I am a head case. So thus I have to conjure up some kind of sophisticated and much maturer look. But I am starting to see my style shift into a darker romantic stage now, like my heart is at ease now its set free, and I know now that I will forever love him, even though he isn’t near anymore. You never forget your first love even though we grew apart.

December 2012 
So here we have it, Mr.December. How lovely to greet you. Although I still haven’t really fitted into a blogging routine whilst being at University. My passion still remains and the journey still continues. Its hard for me to battle these dark nights and all the work load. Im sure now Spring is around the corner I shall be out and about at the sea side and around all the beautiful parks and buildings down here, I am quite excited spending spring in the City. Although I shall miss the blossom trees and the sprouting flowers. After five years of being trapped in a relationship where you both know deep down that its not working. I think now I have finally found freedom right by the Ocean. I think I have met some one who makes me feel electric. I don’t know what love is yet I still feel too young, but I really like this person so time will tell, and hopefully my thoughts and feelings will channel through my style and photography and I will begin making art again. Have a great new year x

Part 1 continued here… 



  1. Victoria B
    December 31, 2012 / 5:27 pm

    You're really wonderful Charlotte! Love your outfits and I really like how you write your blog posts – with so many descriptions and beautiful words.Happy New Year and best wishes! <3

  2. Miss Iffa
    January 1, 2013 / 3:10 pm

    Wow! You are just stunning. You are the perfect example of how fashion is art. You effortlessly blend fashion and art and you always look so elegant whilst doing it. If you don't make it far, then I don't know who will!

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