Here you'll find several Social Media Packages, all of which will help you gain exposure for your product/company/brand. With an 8 year skilled history Social Media, Marketing, Product Placement and working with a variety of companies, I will be able to ensure you get the highest quality of content created. I have previously worked for Happy Cow and Plant Based News and created content for their Instagram pages, which gave me relevant skills in dealing with companies that need consistent content, relevant to their brands representation and managing a large audience. We will work together to ensure your happy with the photos produced and content that's carefully been created to tailor to your ideas.
I work well with Fashion Brands, preferably cruelty free and Vegan. Vegan Food companies, Cruelty- Free Make up Brands and Travel. If you would like to discuss in more detail feel free to email me at:

 Social Media Package

-1 Photo posted to my main Instagram page

-1 Instagram link in the photo description and 20 related tags on the photo to your product/brand/company.

-1 Instagram Story Photo with relevant tags and hash tags, to direct traffic to your websites.

-1 Blog Post with one link or tracking link to your product, 2 photos of your product.

-1 Tweet, with product image, tracking link posted to my personal Twitter Page,

-1 Facebook post, with product image, tracking link, posted to my blog Facebook page.


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