After watching a Ela Gale's Youtube videos, I was shocked to find out that my everyday shampoo from Superdrug has a known carcinogen in it. 'Sodium Laurel Sulfate' (SLS) now usually when you buy Vegan and Cruelty-Free products you don't expect there to really be any harsh chemicals in there. Or you don't really think twice that about it? Or you just trust the Vegan and Cruelty-Free icons. You don't question the chemicals in it? I never did until now. 

Ela mentioned on her video that these are known chemicals to be in shampoo, conditioner, and hair products, shower gels e.t.c keep a look out for them.

-Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)
- Isopropyl alcohol
- Paraphenlyenediamine - PPD
- DEA Diethanolamine 
-MEA Monoethanolamine
-TEA Triethanolamine
- Proplyene glycol
- Isobutene - methylpropane
- Alkylphenols
- 1,4-dioxane

If the companies can promote things like milk and meat to be good for you, when we all know as Vegans that they aren't. We should always question the chemicals even in Vegan products and food and choose the healthier, most naturalist options.

Here are a few Vegan, Natural and Organic recipes for homemade Shampoo/ Conditioner and other hair products from Ela Gale's channel, that I hope to try out soon.

Charlotte Clothier

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