Thursday, 8 February 2018


Hey guys, I'm back with a post about Blanche Bakery, which is a 100% Vegan Cafe opened up in Cardiff. Got invited to the launch back in 2017. Unfortunately I couldn't make it because I was in London at the time, working for a new job I had just started. However, in January I made it over to try out their cakes and doughnuts and have a mooch around the place. It is quite a fair walk from the City Centre so I would advise to get a bus! I walked, in the pouring rain, with shoes that didn't fit, so I looked a right mess when I finally got there. I had to dry my coat on the radiator and my camera bag was soaked as well. I sat in the window seat and it was quite full of youngish people, probably students. They stayed there for quite a bit, I did wish to sit under the infamous greenery wall, with the pink neon lit sign 'But First Coffee' (which is also their WiFi password, thank me later) 
I was on a bit of a tight time schedule because I was heading over to Greazy Vegan event later that evening to review their menu. 

I had a Latte, a chocolate cupcake and a glazed doughnut and waited until I could take photos and videos without causing too much disruption and awkwardness in the intimate little place. I tried to film some eating videos but their were people behind me and sometimes they have told me off and asked if I could film else where, although these guys didn't mind, it was a small space to record without the conversations of others creeping into the video. Still need to get a mic, damn it. 
I waited for about an hour I'd say and I finally had time 10 mins before they closed to get some footage and some photos. However, by then the sun had gone down and it was so dark. Even though it had a really chilled pink look in there, the photos just came out PINK! I promised myself I would go back before Valentines Day and get some lovely photos in the morning sat by the greenery. Their Valentines Menu is to die for at the moment! Pink roses decorating each table, and cute details to the doughnuts with raspberries and hearts. You must check it out ladies, or gents take your vegan baes there, they will be swooned for sure.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

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