Daily Facial Routine

Hey guys,  a lot of people have asked me what I use on my face to get such clear skin. Even a lady behind the counter in Tesco's commented on how radiant it looks, to which I blushed and then once I walked out the shop I felt so good. I had never noticed it before but since going Vegan, drinking water regularly and having a good facial routine, you can keep on top of good skin. Every night I make sure I scrub off my make up with exfoliating gloves, but it never seems to get rid of the make up completely. So recently I've tried out the new Panasonic facial cleansing brush which I've heard many beauty bloggers go on about in their Youtube videos. This brush actually gets rid of those nasty black heads that not even a good diet can shift! It gives your skin such a good scrub and you feel so refreshed afterwards. Its a 3 in 1 cleansing tool so I mainly use the smaller brush to get into the pores around my nose, then use the larger brush for all over my face. I've noticed such a change whilst using this. I'm not even kidding they are a must for every girl! 

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