Charm up your Summer with Thomas Sabo

Hey guys, I'm back with a beach outfit! I managed to catch a calm sunny day to take some photos. I knew I wanted to shoot the goodies I received from Thomas Sabo out on the sand and I couldn't have picked a better day. Thomas Sabo were meant to have a blogger event on the same day as Spectrum Collections hosted theirs over in Tramshed / Cardiff. Unfortunately, they had to post-pone it, but I was lucky enough to be invited into their Cardiff store and receive some wonderful gifts. A lovely lady called Emma showed me around the shop and told me lots of information about the selection of accessories and the new collections out for Summer, which was helpful. The store was beautifully laid out and as soon as I entered St. Davids indoor shopping centre, their display caught my attention immediately. 

So when I was told I could pick a charm for the bracelet, I knew I had to go with the The Evil Eye to signify a new beginning. A little bit of information about the charm Nazar's Eye,  it originates from the Turkish tradition of protecting oneself from evil.  I now feel positive and can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am looking forward to upcoming blogger events. So stay tuned for whats happening next! Hope you like the photos,

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

Miss Patisserie x Boots

Hey guys, I'm back with a post about Miss Patisserie's launch into selling their products in Boots! When I heard about the news I just had to try out their stuff. I've been a fan of this perfume for a while and I've been buying their Cotton Soy Candles. So I was up for trying out their other products too. Before I talk you through how amazing the gift was that I've received. Here's a bit more information about the company.

Charlotte Simoes launched the honest Vegan skincare brand from her South Wales kitchen in 2009 and now Miss Patisserie will feature in the iconic beauty retailer store called Boots from May 15th 2017. You can also buy these products on the Boots store online here.

I tried out the Iggy Bath Ball first and had a bath with my niece back at home, she loved the colours of the product. What was so fascinating about this ball was the fact that it kept spinning around in the water, unlike a normal bath ball that fizzes, this literally spun around like a planet. It was mesmerizing to watch! Not sure if it was intentionally created that way but it was fantastic! There was no glitter within this ball, so once you left the bath your skin felt so soft. It didn't stain the bath or stain my hair, which I thought it might. It contains some really beautiful ingredients.

The Lavender Cupcake Bath Melt was so beautiful, it was relaxing and once the fizz had dispersed you were left with a little purple flower floating on the water. It was so cute. The product made my skin feel so soft too, you can buy these here. They are a perfect little gift for birthday and are suitable for Vegans, not edible haha.

So after trying out the amazing fizzy bath products, I then tried out the Mango Moisturiser, which I can say hands down is the best Vegan one I've tried so far. It smells delicious, really soaks into your skin and leaves you feeling properly moisturised. Lastly I have yet to try out the Coconut Coffee Scrub, I have opened it and it smells delicious. I just want to drink it! Apparently it reduces and tones cellulite, so time to start rubbing packets on my bum and legs, haha.

Hope you have enjoyed my quick review of the products, I would recommend you guys to check out their Instagram too. Their branding is impeccable and the ladies behind the company are approachable and friendly to talk to. So if you ever need to ask them questions they will always be available.
Lots of love,
Charlotte x

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New Leaf

Black Floppy Hat- TOPSHOP / Polka Dot Playsuit- NEW LOOK / White Bag- NEW LOOK / Black Heel Boots- NEW LOOK 

Hey guys, I'm back with outfit photos that I took when I was back at home in the Countryside. I always loved finding the most cute locations for outfit photos, it makes the look come alive with so much magic. Now University has ended I am in a dilemma of whether I want to move back home or to try and move to another City. I don't want to move back to the Countryside I feel like I have outgrown that now. I love living in a City, I love being around people so much. Does anyone get that? Anyways this playsuit was bought from Topshop ages ago and I am still getting used with taking photos again. These were taken with my Canon 500d that I've had from such a young age.  I have now bought the Canon M3 to start vlogging and its so fantastic when you want to take your own outfit photos. You can flip the screen around and you can see where you have positioned yourself within the photo. So now I'm turning over a new leaf and we are alone, no university, no relationships so lets do this, I hope you'll come along on the journey with me. 

Lots of love, 

Charlotte x

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