Saturday, 22 April 2017


Black round Sunglasses- Primark / Black Denim Dunagrees- New Look /
 Dogtooth Bow Blouse- Zara / Black and White Bag- Romwe / Black Heel Boots- New Look

Hey guys, I've decided I want to start back blogging again. Now that University is nearly over in May, I want to start to focus on my fashion blog again and really push it. It's going to be such a weird feeling knowing that University is finally over and I am free to change the direction of where I want my future to go. I know a lot of people have moved in with their boyfriends they have met in University or they have moved back home to their families. But I have said all along I wanted to travel and explore the world, I don't want to have a full time job and just fall into a miserable trap. I have way too much creativity within me to just settle into a mundane everyday life routine. I would love to know if anyone else is in the same boat as me, finishing University soon and dreading to go back home?
What are your plans?

A little bit about this outfit, the blouse I bought a while ago, none of this outfit is really bought new, so you can't buy it in the shops anymore. But I've been working hard on my Instagram to create a theme and stick by it, and the whole minimalism, black and white theme has suited my personal taste for a while. Also black and white fits so well with light headed hair colours!
Anyways, my plans are to start vlogging soon, I'm saving up for a camera.
Any good suggestions?

Lots of love,

Charlotte x