Monday, 9 January 2017

HELLO 2017

Hey guys, Happy New Year! hope you all had a lovely 2016, I think its safe to say my 2016 was a bit pants. I can't remember very much of it. Apart from going Vegan in April and starting to do a bit of Activism and passing Uni. I didn't blog very much in 2016 which I regret so much! I find blogging helps me in so many ways, to document my life and also so make personal progress with style and with your goals in life as well. I used to have focussed dreams and plans when I was blogging daily or even weekly and without that I was just drifting through. As a Virgo that's something that makes us so stressed out. We love to work towards plans and to be organised. These photos were taken just before Christmas in town. I had the urge one day to say sod it I am going to start blogging again. I took my tripod and my camera to about four different locations before just jumping into the deep end and taking photos in town again. Right in the middle of the busiest times of the year! Yeah, the whole of the town was staring at me, taking photos on my tripod. I forgot my poses and my angles and I just tried my best ahh. A lovely college student came up to me and started talking about photography which made me feel less like a bit of a nob. I need someone to depend on to help me take some street style photos, for sure. Anyways I'm trying to pass my 4th of Uni with having no interest at all, I am having a huge urge to just go full time with Fashion blogging and even trying out Youtube. That would be a dream!

Lots of love,

Charlotte  x