Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Hey guys, this post is long over due, but when I went to the Lush Christmas event in Swansea, we were given a Goodie bag with some amazing things in it. On the night I didn't receive one, which I was disappointed with, but then Lush were on the case and made sure I got one the next day. It was so kind of them to do so. What I got in my bag was the Stars Soap, Fighting Animal Testing Badge, Bubbly Shower Gel, Sample of the Charity Pot Moisturiser and the Snow Man Shower Jelly. The rest of the products  I had previously purchased a couple of weeks before when I got my student loan through. I can't get enough of Lush's products because most of Vegan Friendly and aren't full with nasty chemicals e.t.c. My skin never reacts to any of their ingredients and that's why you can always trust and rely on them. 

Before I went to the event I purchased a few of my favourite items such as the Sympathy for Skin, which came in a big tub, that's a perfect moisturiser for all over the body. I mainly use it on my face because its soothing. I purchased the Veganese Hair Conditioner, not only for Vegans. Thought that pun was quite funny... I use their Aromaco deodorant bar sometimes which lasts all day and prevents odours which is fantastic. I never really sweat or tend to smell as a Vegan, what a bonus there! 

For spots that I occasionally get sometimes, not often but near the time of the month, one will pop up. I tend to dab a bit of Grease Lighting on it and it goes within a couple of days, a great product there. Also, when you want a lovely pamper night, Rosy Cheeks is now my favourite face mask from Lush. It used to be their Mask of Magnamity but that had honey in it, not very Vegan friendly... 

Hope this has helped you in finding out some of the good Vegan products from Lush, remember to always ask and look at the labels. They tend to sneak in milk and honey sometimes... 

Lots of love,


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Monday, 7 November 2016


Hey guys, on Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to Vevolution in London, whilst representing Happy Cow, whom I've been working for the past couple of months. The event started at 10am so that meant a really early train to London to be able to get there on time. I woke up about 2am, got the 4am train, which was full of drunks coming back from town, thankfully they got off at Cardiff. I slept for most of the journey, spread out on the train seats. I managed to get the tube without any difficulties and arrive at the event about an hour before. I was kind of lost but thankfully a fellow Vegan realised I was off to the event and helped me find the way. When I got there everyone was so busy setting up that I didn't really know where to go and I didn't know anyone to talk to. It was quite awkward, but I headed upstairs the hall and started putting out Happy Cow stickers on everyone's chair. Over 500 people were supposed to attend the event, not sure how many turned up but it was busy for sure!

Another girl who was handing out Vegan Magazines on each seat, smiled at me and we started talking and headed over to get free breakfast, which was over night oats. But it was bloody delicious! I sat with her, she was a volunteer at the event and couldn't chat for long. The Vegans started to gather and it kicked off pretty quickly. Youtuber Plant Based News was up first and gave a very informative speech about the rise in Veganism. At this point I realised how many people I admire from Youtube were in the very same room! I tried to continue my inner crazy fan girl side, I spotted Vegan Geezer and Hench Herbivore. Unfortunately my social anxiety took over me and I didn't go up and talk to them, I kind of admired from a far. Isn't this annoying? When will I possibly ever meet them again!?

I didn't manage to get lunch so I was snacking on the contents of my goody bag all day. I think they only took cash and I had cards on me, damn it. Sorry about the bad quality of photos, I only took my phone with my and not my other camera because it was heavy to carry. Anyways the day went so fast and I was honestly so inspired, I felt like I was dreaming. As a new Vegan it makes you think twice and that you should try to use Social Media and become part of the Activism side to Veganism. You never know who you could influence to become Vegan.