Saturday, 20 August 2016


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1. Geometric Umbrella- 
ROOI / 2. The Little Blue Tin- SUPERDRUG  / 3. Vitamin E Moisturiser- SUPERDRUG / 4. Apple Ipod / 5. Deodrant Spray- SUPERDRUG / 6. Geometric Print Notebook- ROOI / 7. Gymshark Bag- GYMSHARK / 8. Blush Dry Hair Shampoo- BATISTE / 9. Ivory Foundation- GOSH / 10. Lipstick- GOSH / 11. Hand Sanitiser- SUPERDRUG / 12. Pink SmartShaker Bottle- SMARTSHAKE / 13. Black Flip Belt- FLIPBELT

Hey guys, I thought I'd let you know what I take to the Gym with me on a daily basis. It's something that I enjoy reading and seeing what other people carry in their bags. I don't know why but its always fascinating and sometimes reminds me that, hey why didn't I think of carrying around that... So here's is a quick post about whats in my gym bag. The first thing is an Umbrella, no matter where you are in Wales you will always need one. Especially with the strong winds living by the Sea, they easily break. Thanks to Rooi for supplying me this beautiful Geometric Print Umbrella that I can safely say, I haven't used yet because its been unusually lovely weather. Secondly with all of the exercising, sometimes I can get dry lips from a bit of dehydration so its always good to keep The Little Blue Tin, lip balm with you, its great because all Superdrug's own brands are mostly Vegan and Cruelty Free. I also carry around  their Vitamin E Moisturiser, Deodorant Spray and Hand Sanitiser. One thing that I always make sure I bring with me and that is fully charged the night before is my iPod. A work out is not the same without your motivating music playing in your ears. Or when your battery goes dead. Keeping your iPod in your bag is a must for smashing a good work out. Also having a good bag to carry all of this stuff in is necessary too. I bought one last year from Gymshark, and only this year I realised it turns into a rucksack too, it carries so much weight. All of my fresh food shopping, I've taken it on really long journeys. Its the best, so I highly recommend investing in a good gym bag. 

Carrying around a Notebook is always handy, you can look back over notes of motivation to yourself, or check out goals you want to achieve. They are always really good to have in your bag. Typing stuff into a phone sometimes isn't the same as putting pen to paper, can anyone else relate? A few months back I discovered Batiste which is a dry shampoo company and a biggest life saver! After a sweaty workout sometimes its nice to just quickly spray your barnet with this and its Vegan too which is even more awesome! One thing that I make sure I take with me as well is Make up, I know its stupid to wear make up in a workout, but come on what girl strips it all of in public? I don't want people seeing my tomato faced self... When I went Vegan finding 100% affordable Vegan make up was the hardest thing, so correct me if I'm wrong but I bought GOSH products and B by Superdrug. If these aren't Vegan let me know asap! 

Two products left that I bought last year was the Pink Smart Shaker and the Flip Belt, both that are a necessity when heading to the gym. Its extremely important to keep on drinking water throughout  your workout, and this doesn't mean heading over to the fountain and taking sips. Actually replenish your lost fluids properly! Also the Flip Belt that I bought actually took so long to arrive, but once it did it saved my workouts. No more putting your iPod in your Bra or in your yoga pants, this belt is the best thing created. 

So I hope this post helps you to think about what you take to the Gym and perhaps inspires you to buy some Vegan and Cruelty Free products.

Lots of love,



  1. Wow your gym bag loot is so cute! Mine is a mess. I don’t see any workout gloves—do you use them? I have Gripads and I love them. You should give them a try.
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