Saturday, 9 July 2016


Hey guys, after becoming a Vegan just before Easter time, it literally gave me a new pair of eyes that could see the truth that is so heavily sugar coated and governed by our Western culture. I no longer wanted to contribute to the blogging world as I have done previously, which means buying from high street stores, working with companies from Eastern parts of the world, where their workers get paid very little money to produce such cheap clothing. I was tired of not taking responsibility and not doing something that benefits the world. Hopefully I will continue blogging now I have found my new passion which is Veganism and Ethical Fashion. To begin with this Summer I am selling all of my clothes on Ebay and my Store Envy shop and narrowing my closet down to the minimum. Why? because I realised that the impact of my actions of buying clothes from brands such as Topshop and H&M effect the whole system of slave labour and I don't want to support that. Secondly, stuff just doesn't make me feel happy, yeah it is temporarily satisfying but in the long run, your consumed by belongings that has no real meaning and that you don't particularly use often. I have been pinning over on my Pinterest, follow me on there if you have one, I'll follow back.

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