Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Hey guys, so about two weeks ago I attended the Swansea Vegan Festival 2016 for the first time. I went Vegan about five months ago and had been off and on the idea of Veganism since November 2015 ever since I met a guy in Uni who was a Vegan. I woke up really early and headed to the hall where it was being held. The first 95 people managed to get goody bags so I had my heart set on it and finally got one, the bags were beautifully designed. Shame I didn't manage to photograph what was inside, but it was worth the early morning rise. I wanted to attempt to Vlog that day and finally made a first youtube video that you can take a look at. My editing skills are really bad and my video handling isn't too great either but I feel like Vlogging helps to get better sense of the vibe that day.

I had a Budda bowl for lunch that was deliciously prepared by the lovely people at Urban Zen Cafe, which is my favourite Vegan place in Swansea. I had some beautiful chocolate fudge cake from Naturally Kind Food. Spoke to an amazing couple who took some breathtaking photos of animals. Listened to some talks by Founder of Viva Juliet Gellatley and watched the wonderful Rachel Jamison from Cool Beans bake some easy Vegan Burgers and make some fresh Almond Milk and Almond Feta, it was amazing! Then later on listened to a talk by Salena Walker from Plant Based Alchemy who explained how she wanted to test how actually Vegan is Vegan. Which she mentions building her own house on a plot of land and growing plants and having to destroy the land i.e kill insects and bugs in order to grow fruit and veg. It was so interesting! Afterwards I headed to Vegan Pizza Co. to which I bumped into the Vegan Pizza Prince that was busily taking orders, and I made a fool out of myself by just staring at him and not realising that he actually wanted to take my order.... awkward!

The hall cleared and I had never seen it so busy before, over 3000 people turned up. I was full of Vegan food and ready to chill and talk to some lovely people over some Vegan beer and listen to live music. The day felt like a dream until I headed over to Vegan speed dating at 7pm, thats when it went a bit spiralling downwards. Single Vegan Men on Vegan Beer is not a good idea. I listened to some very egotistical guys that night which reminded me of the blonde Prince from the movie Shrek, listened to some amazing stories about guys travelling to Thailand.. blah blah blah. But the best thing about that evening was the fact that I had the chance to meet the founder of Happy Cow, who I clicked with and couldn't stop talking to all night. Even though he went home early and I was left with the Prince from Shrek talking about how amazing his hair was, I knew it was time to go home, so I left. Overall, it was a really good day out for the whole family and I recommend you note it down in your diaries for next year 2017, bigger and better!

Saturday, 9 July 2016


Hey guys, after becoming a Vegan just before Easter time, it literally gave me a new pair of eyes that could see the truth that is so heavily sugar coated and governed by our Western culture. I no longer wanted to contribute to the blogging world as I have done previously, which means buying from high street stores, working with companies from Eastern parts of the world, where their workers get paid very little money to produce such cheap clothing. I was tired of not taking responsibility and not doing something that benefits the world. Hopefully I will continue blogging now I have found my new passion which is Veganism and Ethical Fashion. To begin with this Summer I am selling all of my clothes on Ebay and my Store Envy shop and narrowing my closet down to the minimum. Why? because I realised that the impact of my actions of buying clothes from brands such as Topshop and H&M effect the whole system of slave labour and I don't want to support that. Secondly, stuff just doesn't make me feel happy, yeah it is temporarily satisfying but in the long run, your consumed by belongings that has no real meaning and that you don't particularly use often. I have been pinning over on my Pinterest, follow me on there if you have one, I'll follow back.