Friday, 25 March 2016


I bet some of you are looking forward to tucking into some Chocolate Easter Eggs this weekend. For some of us milk just doesn't go down well with our bodies, especially myself in particular. I have tried to avoid anything with milk in it for a long time, so my alternatives have been, soya milk, almond milk, oat milk and coconut milk. 

Why? because I have noticed personally that milk upsets my tummy. I also used to get horrible spots and just felt pretty bad, I haven't been confirmed yet that I'm lactose intolerant, but thats beside the point.  Don't you think you'll feel better knowing *no cows were harmed*  (Warning) in the process of making your lovely Dairy Free Easter Egg? Why don't you give it a go? try your hardest to go milk free for a week and see how it affects you. If you think oh I can't, where would I get my calcium from, look no further...
booja booja, dairy free, milk free, vegan easter egg
1.  Booja Booja Dairy Free Truffles, A gorgeous gift box with truffles inside
dairy free easter egg, milk free, vegan
2. Lots of this, None of That Bunny
dairy free, milk free, vegan, holland and barrett

3. Organic, Dairy Free Chocolate Bunny 

dairy free easter egg, milk free, moo free, holland and barrett

4. Moo Free Original Organic Egg

milk free, dairy free, easter egg, chicks, cocoa libre
5.  Cocoa Libre Dairy Free Chocolate Chicks 

Thursday, 24 March 2016


Cath kidston, traveller guide, easter, wish list, suitcase, keyring,

1. Wild Raspberries Ticket Holder / 2. Latimer Rose Ceramic Travel Cup / 3. Blossom Bunch Iphone 6 Case / 4. Bloomsbury Bouquet Tiny Umbrella / 5. Monkey Glasses Case / 6. Meadow Ditsy Portable Power Pack / 7. Richmond Rose Four Wheel Cabin Bag / 8. Pop Daisy Stripe Keyring

Hey guys, back with a Cath Kidston inspired travel guide. Easter is coming up this weekend and I am off back home to see my family, I haven't seen them in such a long time. Since being in London I have fallen back in love with Cath Kidston again. The bedroom in which I stayed in was full of it and even the kitchen had floral bowls and tea towels. Oh its lovely isn't it? Anyways I think I'm going to build up my collection. I had a browse on the online site as I haven't been there on a while and put together some top eight picks for Easter Travel Guide. If you don't really fancy anything so florally for travelling there are other online sites for reasonably cheap suitcases from bagsdirect . Hope you enjoyed my picks and if you know any other websites for valuable travel stuff, leave a comment below.  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, I might blog but I am seeing my niece so might spend some quality time with her.

Lots of love,


Sunday, 20 March 2016


laduree, harrods, charlotte clothier, paige joanna, cake

Hey everyone, this time last week I was travelling a gruelling 4 hours back from interning at London.
What made the journey far more appealing was eating some lovely macaroons I bought from Laduree when I was there on the Saturday. Paige and I decided to take my first ever visit to the Harrods store in Knightsbridge. At first we took outfit photos outside, but I couldn't concentrate I was so eager to have a look inside. We headed in and waited for a table, everyone spoke with a french accent and it was so fancy. We were allocated to a table and I couldn't keep still, literally, I wanted to take photos of everything. I browsed through the menu and its all in french so didn't really know how to pronounce it. I got the same rose cake as Paige and it was beautiful, the best thing I have ever  tasted. It was small but full of flavour, the whipped cream had raspberry and rose notes, inside was full of this vanilla custard and lots of yummy raspberries. It was sickly sweet but boy I would have loved to taken about a dozen home.

Afterwards Paige and I browsed around Harrods, I had never even been in one before and it was like paradise! For a while we stood at the florist section in the food court, just taking photos of everything, we couldn't move. I was in awe at how beautiful everything looked. I literally thought I was dreaming. As we walked around, we took photos of everything especially lots of selfies in the designer sections such as Alexander McQueen, it was so funny. Paige and I put on accents and pretended that we were rich and had our Dads credit card. I couldn't stop laughing.

Eventually we headed out into South Kensington as it got a bit warm in Harrods, we ventured down some streets to take outfit photos. The white buildings were breathtaking, I haven't done outfit photos in a while so I was quite awkward in front of the camera. I wore Paige's Pink coat because its beyond pretty. I want it. We then organised to meet up with Adora and her mum and went exploring around the streets. It was such a fun day and I am quite sad to be back in Wales, its just not magical enough like London is.

Hope you've had a great weekend 

Lots of love,

Charlotte x
laduree harrods, paige joanna, photography, blogger
harrods, laduree, macaroons, rose cake, knightsbridge, london
harrods, laduree, macaroons, rose cake, knightsbridge, london
(Photo by Paige)
harrods, laduree, macaroons, rose cake, knightsbridge, london
(Photo by Paige)
harrods, laduree, macaroons, rose cake, knightsbridge, london
harrods, laduree, macaroons, rose cake, knightsbridge, london
(Photo by Paige)harrods, laduree, macaroons, rose cake, knightsbridge, london
(Photo by Paige)harrods, laduree, macaroons, rose cake, knightsbridge, london
easter flowers,harrods, laduree, macaroons, rose cake, knightsbridge, london
harrods, laduree, macaroons, rose cake, knightsbridge, london
harrods, laduree, macaroons, rose cake, knightsbridge, london
harrods, laduree, macaroons, rose cake, knightsbridge, london,charlotte clothier
harrods, laduree, macaroons, rose cake, knightsbridge, london,charlotte clothier
(Photo by Paige)harrods, laduree, macaroons, rose cake, knightsbridge, london, charlotte clothier

Saturday, 19 March 2016


boohoo blog event, we are us, pastel pink lace top

Hello guys, on the Tuesday up in London we went to a Boohoo blog event for their Occasion wear. Paige and I headed there after work and we collided into the rush hour on the tube, my first time being in such a cramped space was quite over whelming. Eventually we got to the event, it was near the amazing Liberty London building which was so beautiful. Anyways when we arrived to the event Paige and I were peckish, especially coming from work. Thankfully Boohoo served some lovely snacks from Leon, which I have been dreaming about trying, ever since I saw Joe Wicks rave on about it. I was still a bit in shock from the tube journey so when I arrived I didn't mingle that well, I did see bloggers Georgina and Jemma which was lovely. Wish I had more time to talk to you, but we were on a flying visit as we had a Vans blog event afterwards. 

Boohoo had the most girly event, pink walls, macaroons, floaty pastel pink outfits on rails. Flower arranging and taking polaroid photos, wish we could have stayed longer. The macarons tasted amazing and I made a cute little bouquet to take home along with a photo of Paige and I. 

Lots of Love,

Charlotte x

boohoo blog event, london, pastel pink clothes, spring
boohoo occasion wear blog event london accessories
franklin sons ltd drink, apple and rhubarb, pastel drinks boohoo event,
boohoo event occasion wear spring
selfie paige joanna and I
pastel pink silk dress, occasion wear blog event boohoo
flower arranging, bouquet idea, boohoo blog event,
flower arranging, bouquet idea, boohoo blog event,
pastel macaroons, we are us, boohoo blog event
blog event, polaroid wall, boohoo class of 2016, springblog event, polaroid wall, boohoo class of 2016, spring
blog event, polaroid wall, boohoo class of 2016, spring
selfie at the boohoo occasion wear blog event,
pastel macaroons, we are us, blog event london

Friday, 18 March 2016


Hey guys, I am finally back from interning at JoJo Maman Bebe in London. I was kindly offered two week placement by my beautiful blogger friend Paige. I couldn’t afford staying in London for two weeks and to miss lots of Uni, so I decided to stick with just one week. Which was more than enough for someone who hasn’t even stayed in London for more than 24 hours before.  Paige and I were discussing life after Uni because before you know it I will be leaving third year and moving on into the big wide world. The job I wish to have in the future requires more experience than a degree will give me. This means applying to graduate jobs nows and even internships. So that’s why Paige was kind enough to offer me this place, she organised that I could stay at her colleague’s place that was away on business in Wales.

shabby chic bedroom, bunting
Cute brick house London

It was funny to stay in someone else’s bedroom I haven’t been away from Swansea in such a long time. It was like a mini break for me as well, her room that I stayed in had an en-suite and it was decorated so beautifully in a shabby chic style. There were bunting and Cath Kidston bits and pieces all over the place, what a dream.  It was all fairly close to work and to Paige’s house, we both got a bus in the morning to Clapham Junction and went from there.  I picked up the tasks Paige gave me fairly quickly due to my years of blogging skills I had developed.  It was funny to be on the other end of the PR system not as the blogger but as the person deciding whether to send samples or press requests. It makes you think how the quality and the way you respond to an email really effects the way companies judge your overall appearance and as whether they will consider to work with you.

I learnt a lot about the company JoJo and everyone was so friendly, we had office dogs which were my favourite of all, I miss my dogs from bag home so it was nice to see waggy tails on a daily basis.  The week went fast and I am sad to be going back to Wales after such a great time in London but I am so thankful to Paige for organising this for me. I had such a great time and I feel refreshed and motivated to continue to study hard and be brave to move on from uni with a positive mind. 
jojo maman bebe london logo
interning at jojo maman bebe london selfie
pastel blue van, caravan, promotional, jojo maman bebe
pukka tea, jojo maman bebe spring 2016 catalogue, tea
pinterest spring board inspiration for jojo maman bebe
office dogs, jojo maman bebe