Wednesday, 20 January 2016


1. The Case Factory, Black Phone Case / 2. Women's Designer Knitwear / 3. Citizens of Humanity UK  Jeans / 4. Women's Designer Knitwear / 5. Designer Scarves / 6. Patent Loafers 

Hey guys, hope your all well, todays post is in collaboration with Paulie Clothing Boutique. Even though I had a strong love for all things pink, when it actually comes to my personal style, I wear a lot of Monochrome outfits. For one they are flattering, two they are so easy to construct together, you don't have to think of a colour scheme or even worry about about clashing colours and it not looking right. So I put together a few of my favourites from Paulie's Online Boutique, I chose two Knitwear selections, because I love both of them. One a high neck choice to keep off this recent wintery cold weather. The second option is a lighter grey knit that is more light wear and easier to wear on a daily basis. Hope you like my outfit wish list, and take a look on their website, its a bit expensive but some really lovely pieces.

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  1. Love the clothes :3

    Ana ♥ N/POST