Hat- TOPSHOP/ Grey Woollen Jumper- TOPSHOP/ Black Culotte Playsuit- TOPSHOP/ Bag- ACCESSORIZE/ Black Boots- NEXT/ Jacket- CHARITY SHOP

Hey guys back with another Autumn look, this time I have layered it up. I headed into the Topshop Sale and got this lovely Black Playsuit with bobbly bits along the trim of the collar. It was only £20 down from £35 so I had to buy it, recently its been getting colder and I've started to layer my Clothes. I want to remain stylish but at the same time practical and warm! Also I have noticed recently that I have ditched any tight fitting Clothes and uncomfortable fabrics for Wools and gentle Cotton blends. I've stopped tanning now and embraced my Vampy coloured skin, its hard to accept it everyday when its considered more 'healthier' to have a glow, especially the message that's always shown in the media. Anyways I have layered the playsuit over the Turtle Neck Jumper which is also new, I then added a belt to enhance the silhouette of the outfit. I really loved the fact this playsuit was in a Culotte style, briefly skimming my ankles, I've been a pair for a while, but always thought it was a Summer trend. There we have it another warm, practical and stylish outfit for AW15, take whatever you want from it but I love the fact I've combined the 70s Trend with a touch of Witchy vibes. It's quite refreshing posting outfits that I actually wear to Uni now, it only takes 20 mins to take the outfit Photos only taking a selected few so I don't make it time consuming alongside my dissertation I am meant to be doing. Anyway hope your all excited for Halloween as much as I am.

Lots of love,


I'm back

Floppy Hat- TOPSHOP/ Grey Turtle Neck Jumper- H&M/ Added black ribbon bow/ Lace Dress- OASAP/ Bag- ACCESSORISE/ Black Boots- NEXT/ Tights- TESCO

Hey guys I'm back with an Autumn look recently I have been wearing a lot of Black and Dark Purples, basically channelling some Witchy Vibes. I've even had comments shouted at on the streets that I look like a 'Witch' or that I'm 'Fashionable' which is something I just tend to laugh off now. I have come to the point where I don't care what I wear anymore now I have my style mojo back. It disappeared over the Summer as I indulged in a crazy Gym Lifestyle. However, even though I enjoyed wearing tan everyday and probably being the healthiest/strongest I've ever been I can admit I wasn't entirely happy. I noticed myself being quite controlled by what I ate and I knew it wasn't enjoying it as it started to become a chore to eat as much protein as I needed and filling my body with food even when I wasn't really hungry. I mean that's not normal right? Just so I can remain lean... It did work but I love cake, chocolate, crisps just junk food. Its so great to indulge whilst your young and don't gain weight. I will go back to the gym soon and try to attend about three days a week but I honestly couldn't go everyday of the week it was too tiring on my body. I proved to myself I can do anything I put my mind to, but my true self loves food and thats ok. 
I was also very curious about the gym lifestyle I saw on Instagram and I wanted to experiment with my own identity to see if I could step into their shoes for a couple of months. 

At the end of the day I was born to dress weirdly, to enjoy fashion and to be creative. Thats who I am and I content to know that now. It takes time but at the age of twenty three the feeling of being self assured of your identity is such a great feeling. So here we are a bit of a witchy outfit for the month of Halloween. I love October so much and I want to be able to balance outfit posts along with my dissertation. I took these photos today in town, I can say I was so blinking nervous to take out my tripod and pose in front of the camera. I haven't blogged in such a long time and I actually enjoyed it a lot. I had many stares and questions but that makes it twice as fun to perform on the streets in town, its inspiring to change the scenery that people look at everyday.
With this outfit I layered over a 70s laced dress on top of a grey turtle neck, the dress was quite low cut and I had never felt comfortable wearing it. Its also very short, so I chucked on a pair of thick warm tights and shorts underneath and it created such an interesting style. 
Hope you guys are all ok and still out there! I haven't left the blogging world yet, in fact I am studying it very closely for my dissertation.

Lots of love,


Xmas Lush Event Swansea

 Hey guys, so last Friday I had such a busy day, I went to Uni and then afterwards rushed to get ready to attend my Lecturers Art Opening talk. He had his work displayed in a Gallery as part of the International Festival happening in my Town. I have always been a massive fan of him and his work haha for those of you who know I did a project about him in first year. Anyway, I took my housemate and we both ran over to the Lush Event in Swansea which is one of the first of many events. I couldn't go to the Christmas one last month so I attended this one. We were about half an hour late but they still kindly let us in. We had a few 'Christingle Shots' and some 'Mocktails' (Non-Alcoholic of course haha) which were so yummy! We quickly had a look around at the Christmas products. I love attending Lush's Christmas Events they are always the best! This was the best time to shop for yourself as well so I spent a bit of money I earned through my blog on some Lush Products. I needed a good pampering session after the first week of third year in uni. The work load is crazy this year so I won't be blogging as much sorry guys. So here is what I bought from Lush;
My favourite Deodorant Bar, Aromaco, Grease Lighting which is a spot treatment that I seem to be blending in with my moisturiser at night and in my primer when I put my foundation on, its a god send! The Olive Branch shower gel, because I am addicted to the smell. A lovely lip balm and lip scrub for the Autumn Months its important to moisturise those lips that can become chapped in the cold weather. Mask of Magnaminty which I made all of my housemates try and they loved it, then Lush gave us a few freebies, which were a Cranberry Face Mask, it smelt very Christmassy. They also gave us Apandapand Soap which smells lovely. 
Then afterwards I took my housemates out for lovely stroll around the City to see the PurpleFlagWeekend which was basically the place lit up in purple but it was so magical.

Lots of love,


A dream collaboration: Stacy Martin and Miu Miu

Many people won’t be familiar with the name ‘Stacy Martin’; however, we have a feeling that this is soon to change. Martin has been lurking at the peripheries of mainstream culture for a few years now, starring in leftfield films and recently appearing in the Italian label Miu Miu’s A/W 2015 advertising campaign. This relationship has progressed and developed into something much more long term and she has now been unveiled as the face of Miu Miu’s first ever fragrance. This is a huge and influential undertaking for a young actress and model, and the decision to sign Martin up as the campaign model is a clear sign of the direction that this chic and covetable brand wants to take. We ask: who is Stacy Martin and why is this collaboration with Miu Miu such a match made in heaven?   

Up until now, Martin is perhaps most famous for her work in Lars von Trier’s 2013 epic, encyclopaedic film Nymphomaniac, playing the young version of Charlotte Gainsbourg’s character Joe. This film was controversial for a number of reasons, not least because von Trier is a distinct persona non grata within the film community for his inflammatory comments (he was banned from Cannes Film Festival for his comments regarding Nazism during a press junket for his film Melancholia). Nymphomaniac saw full-frontal sex scenes and a weaving, odyssey of a storyline that runs for over 4 hours (the Director’s cut is said to be five and a half hours). Whilst Martin had previously modelled to pay her way through acting classes, this film saw her catapulted into the public eye in a very explicit way, and she became the darling of arthouse cinema. She was included in BAFTA’s Breakthrough Brits campaign in 2014 for her work, spreading her sphere of influence even further.      

Miu Miu is the passion project of Miuccia Prada of the distinguished Italian fashion house that is her namesake. Miu Miu was born in 1993 and its name derives from Prada’s own childhood name. It has bloomed into a highly successful luxury brand and is a particular favourite of emerging young actresses and starlets, with fans and former spokesmodels including Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning and Lupita Nyong’o. Miu Miu often tends towards playful and fun looks, with the A/W 2015 runway full of high hemlines, sumptuous fabric textures and popping colours, keeping the best of prim and proper with shirts and tweed coats but contrasted with cheeky mini-skirts and pinafores. There is no wonder that it is the go-to brand for successful young women who want to indulge in luxury designer clothing that is fun and fanciful. Look to similar styles from this wholesale clothing supplier.

Stacy Martin previously fronted Miu Miu’s A/W 2014 campaign in a series of striking black and white photographs. She stuck with the brand through to the A/W 2015 campaign in which she was joined by Nymphomaniac co-star Mia Goth. These casting decisions show that Miu Miu wants to work with actresses and models that are famous for their risk-taking. Neither Martin nor Goth shirk gritty challenges or cinematic controversy, but still manage to command the attention they receive with grace and wide-eyed, butter-wouldn’t-melt looks on their faces. There is something inherently sexual and mature about the Miu Miu girl; curious and whimsical, she is still completely in control of the decisions she make and is, furthermore, empowered by them. Martin embodies all of these things, making her a perfect fit for Miu Miu’s first fragrance. 
In the campaign, Martin frolics like Alice in Wonderland with a bottle of perfume and a cute kitten, in a chic sixties-inspired dress and Mary Janes, with the vocals of Leslie Gore chiming in the background. The song is particularly apt, entitled ‘You don’t own me’, with the lyrics ‘Don’t tell me what to do, don’t tell me what to say’ ringing as Martin smiles coyly into the camera. She may look perfectly sweet and innocent, with her pastel colour palette, high neck and minimal make up, embodying the perfect ideal of femininity; yet, underneath her preened saccharine fa├žade is a woman who knows exactly what she wants and who won’t be constrained by limiting notions of female sexuality. Martin, with her previous explorations of empowerment and sexuality in the von Trier film, exudes all of this effortlesslyfulfilling the innocent-knowing dichotomy that is at the heart of Miu Miu’s brand aesthetic. 
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