Thursday, 31 December 2015


Hey everyone so for 2016 I am feeling a whole lot of big changes, well personal changes for myself.
So here is a list of the following things I am wishing for and the things I want to start to do;
-Since being in and out of relationships for about seven years now, and for them to not end in any kind of resolved way, they just fizzle out. I have realised that I need to stop wasting my precious time on trying to form these relations with guys. Stay Single for as long as I can, not form any kind of emotional attachment or dependency.
-Love yourself so much 

-Read more books

-Buying cute lingerie and wearing lace bra's that actually fit my flat chested self so I don't need to impress guys with the boobs I really don't have. That is something you need to feel comfortable with and just accept.

-Collect so much pink stuff so that its probably uncomfortable for a guy to enter my palace of a bedroom.

-Get a pretty new baby pink bag in the january sales, because its the best colour.

-Always buy flowers for yourself

-Dye your hair blonde, the way you naturally are. Bright Blonde like Elle Fanning because when you had that hair in 2010 you were so magically and creatively motivated. End of the dark hair days.

-Dye my hair pastel pink or any colour I want because hair experimentation has always been a passion of mine.

-Get lace curtains for my room so that I wake up early to actually do things instead of sleep.

-Love your pale skin 

-Visit Laduree in London and eat lots of yummy cakes and drink tea.

-Meet some lovely Bloggers 

-Save money for a weekend trip to Paris or meet a French Friend that you can go and visit Versailles with.

Lots of love,

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