Thursday, 31 December 2015


Hey everyone so for 2016 I am feeling a whole lot of big changes, well personal changes for myself.
So here is a list of the following things I am wishing for and the things I want to start to do;
-Since being in and out of relationships for about seven years now, and for them to not end in any kind of resolved way, they just fizzle out. I have realised that I need to stop wasting my precious time on trying to form these relations with guys. Stay Single for as long as I can, not form any kind of emotional attachment or dependency.
-Love yourself so much 

-Read more books

-Buying cute lingerie and wearing lace bra's that actually fit my flat chested self so I don't need to impress guys with the boobs I really don't have. That is something you need to feel comfortable with and just accept.

-Collect so much pink stuff so that its probably uncomfortable for a guy to enter my palace of a bedroom.

-Get a pretty new baby pink bag in the january sales, because its the best colour.

-Always buy flowers for yourself

-Dye your hair blonde, the way you naturally are. Bright Blonde like Elle Fanning because when you had that hair in 2010 you were so magically and creatively motivated. End of the dark hair days.

-Dye my hair pastel pink or any colour I want because hair experimentation has always been a passion of mine.

-Get lace curtains for my room so that I wake up early to actually do things instead of sleep.

-Love your pale skin 

-Visit Laduree in London and eat lots of yummy cakes and drink tea.

-Meet some lovely Bloggers 

-Save money for a weekend trip to Paris or meet a French Friend that you can go and visit Versailles with.

Lots of love,


 July 2015
In July I organised my very first Welsh Bloggers Meet up, after constantly being frustrated by tweeting people and living online I wanted to meet these bloggers and collaborate with them. I found a place for free and managed to round up eight bloggers to have a natter over some coffee and gosh was it a really good day. Welsh girl problems attended which I was over the moon about, we had some young bloggers that were so inspirational by the things they were doing, such as Becky our upcoming Welsh Youtube Star. You can read more about the day here. I also decided to take over the Welsh Bloggers Twitter page that another Charlotte and I had created in August 2014 after much debate about gathering Welsh Bloggers as we needed a sense of a Welsh Blogger Community. 

Also in July I met a wonderful photographer from Swansea Life Magazine that we collaborated together on a photo shoot sponsored by ASOS Formalwear. We headed over to Mumbles and it was the most glorious and perfect day for a photo shoot, it was warm and sunny and no clouds in the skies. This has to be one of the best days of 2015 with regards to fashion blogging. 

August 2015

As some of you already know this Summer I was hooked on fitness blogging and the gym and took all of my energy and dedication to Instagram, which you can find out here.  I am so thankful that I managed to go to the gym everyday to try and achieve a heavier weight of increased muscle mass, well it has to be said I was over the moon with my results that had started to show. My butt was so much more plumper, I had defined abs, my strength was incredible, I never got colds or bugs. My skin was so clear and my hair as healthy as ever. The diet of a gym goer is difficult to stick by and it takes a lot of conscious decisions about food and control over your cravings to achieve the desirable body you wish. Of course I had to stop it all when I started back to Uni in September as a third year student, it was far more important than trying to become a healthier version of myself. 
I attended a few Summer Events such as the Renate Summer Soiree in Cardiff where I met the lovely Holly and Sophie, my two favourite Welsh Bloggers. They are so down to earth and I feel like I can talk to them about almost anything without them judging or becoming bitchy like most bloggers can be. 

With the gym in mind I collaborated with Upbeat, who produce really delicious protein smoothies for after exercising. I originally wanted to inspired women to eat a lot of food and love your body and to be able to feed it with the nutrition it so desirably needs. When I was younger I used to go all day in school without eating and could never eat in front of people or at restaurants without the fear of judgement. I went almost a year without eating and I so painfully regret the way I treated my body that year for what reason than to try and understand why I was so petite. Then I came to the conclusion that is the way I am created and therefore started to love myself. Which is so vitally important for young women to realise. 

September 2015 

September was mainly about getting back into Uni work from being so involved in the gym lifestyle. I did a mindful eating challenge which was such a great opportunity. I got sent a massive box full of fresh and healthy food to cook for myself and I was over the moon with it, being a poor student you can imagine it was like Christmas had came early. 

October 2015

October was about going to lots of exhibitions and I attended my first Lush Blog Event in my own Uni home town which was so much easier to transport to, I literally walked out of the door to the event. 

November 2015
In November it was a very quiet month as I was seeing a guy that I thought was perfect for me, little did I realise that I was wearing my heart shaped glasses again that clouded my vision in a pastel pink lens. When I realised that I didn't want to be involved with anyone is was two days before Christmas and I broke it off. I am much happier being alone and dreaming about the future of where I want to be, whenever I am with a guy I get heavily influenced by their culture or way of life that I always lose sight of my own. I know who I am now and where I want to be, so when the times right a guy will come along and fit nicely into my life. So during November yes I was a bit delusional and loved up, so no blog posts were created. I had to carry on with my dissertation which is to be completed by the 8th of January, ever so nice of my university to place such heavy pressures on you during the holiday time, nice one. 

I was however, lucky enough to be invited for a Christmas Shopping Spree at Tiger, a new store opened up in Swansea. It was so amazing for Xmas presents and I decided to start my Christmas shopping real early. I got given £50 to spend in there and to be honest I came back with about 3 bags full of stuff so I highly recommend it for gift ideas. I also got invited for Afternoon Christmas Tea at the Celtic Manor which was heavenly and you can read about it here. 

Other than that this year has been very busy as I am a third year student so I haven't blogged as much hopefully now the dissertation is out of the way in January I can start back being a frequent poster, because I have missed it so much and have missed you all so much too! 
Have a great New Years Eve and I will post some new years resolutions on the 1st of Jan tomorrow.


January 2015

I started the year so motivated with my blog style and personal fashion style, I posted a lot per week even with a continuous Friday Favourites and Sunday Summary posts. My outfits were very dark and wintery but quite sophisticated at the same time. I wore my knee length boots almost everyday that I had bought from Primark in December 2014 time.  I started blogging in my bedroom on January the 3rd as the weather was too cold to go outside. I collaborated with House of Fraser with their Tory Burch collection which was so lovely to receive the t-shirt in a wonderfully wrapped box you can read about it here.  Then I started venturing out into the City on my own, in hope to meet someone to become blogger friends with, I would always dream of company even though I was contented being on my own its nice to have someone to talk to about your blogging passion.

February 2015

This month was the most I've blog posted for this entire year! I ended up going to a Vintage Market down at the Marina and bumped into a fellow Blogger Oroma. I am so thankful for my courage and bravery to attend the Market alone and actually recognise her as a blogger and ask her for her blog address. She was holding a camera and was about to steal my shot by jumping in front of me so obviously that was a giveaway. Since then we have been close blogger friends helping each other out over this year and its been so fantastic. With regards to press and features this year, Primark have featured a few of the looks above on their Twitter and their Primania fashion style page.

ASOS created a style crush page for me which was so amazing to look at!  I was also selected as one of the top 50 most stylist people in Wales and this means a lot to be honest, especially chosen by the lovely Wales Online. 

I collaborated with another photographer I met through Oroma, got featured on the Lookbook Instagram page. You can read the blog post about the outfit over here its called Marsala. 
I then attended my first blog event of the year which was Smashbox down in Cardiff and then continued to watch London Fashion Week 2015 live stream, I am dreaming of attending it every year so fingers crossed 2016 will be lucky. 

March 2015 

March was such a fantastic month, I started doing regular blog photo shoots with Oroma all of the photos above were taken by her. I got featured on Topshop Instagram page with the second look above. New look kept on retweeting a few of my 70s inspired outfit posts such like the third and fourth outfit. Once I caught on to the Seventies Spring trend, I was hooked and I really enjoyed wearing a much warmer toned palette instead of Monochrome. I got invited to do a huge shopping spree at McArthur Glen and I chose Oroma to come with us, we were given £300 to spend on whatever we wanted, with travel and food costs included. This was probably the best collaboration yet with a brand, well the most expensive. It was such a luxurious day and we really felt like VIP's, you can read about the trip here. 

April 2015

April was a busy month with Uni work so I had to put blogging aside and I can remember setting up my final year exhibition and I got a message saying I had been featured on New Looks  website for my 70s style.  Which I am so proud of Oroma for choosing this location and for taking my photos, all of which have pretty much been featured its been so successful. 

June 2016

So my lens broke in May, it fell down with the tripod when I was taking my own photos. The photos above were taken by Oroma again with her lovely Nikon Camera. To begin the Summer Holidays I got invited to attend the Colour Festival down in Cardiff, so I took some uni friends along with me and that was a lot of fun, probably the best time of 2015. Another highlight was when Oroma and I got invited down to review Five Guys in Cardiff and the meal was heavenly. 

Thats a round up of my part one of my blog overview of 2015, I will be posting the other half soon. The year started with such motivation and drive for my blog I am hoping it can continue into 2016 and hopefully start posting regularly again. But for now the dissertation deadline is looming and it is not fun to write it during the Christmas Holidays. 

Lots of love,