Autumns Calling

Hey guys I'm back with my first Autumn post, its about Ladies Boots! Basically I need you guys to help me out with decided what style is best to go with? I really love the long knee length boots but because I am under 5'0 and have petite legs they never seem to fit or even look right. There are a few brands I have my eyes on and as well as the student loan creeping around the corner I need to invest in some expensive shoes that last long. I remember buying some knee length black boots from Primark last year and wore them to death. They got a hole in the sole so easily but they were super comfy and now I am lost as what to go with this year. I can't even decide on colour, I know black boots go with everything... but brown is a very Autumnal colour too. I don't want anything with a heel on it because I'll be wearing them back and for to Uni this year during the Winter months, I have had my eye on a few of these Rieker Boots as well.

Lots of love,


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