Hey guys, I want to introduce to you a brand called Upbeat they offered to sample their products as a gym enthusiast I couldn't deny it. They sent so many wonderful things and I was over the moon that I now have an Upbeat Freezer Bag and a Tote bag to take to the gym now. Anyway I went and bought their drinks from Tesco and Holland and Barrett. Unfortunately Tesco only stocks the Chocolate & Orange flavour and in Holland and Barrett we managed to rummage through the fridge to find the other wonderful flavours hiding in the back. I had tried the Chocolate Orange flavour before and it is very tangy and the orange is intense, so to get the chance to try all the other flavours was quite lucky. I gave a few drinks to my friends to ask them about what they think of the flavours and everyone prefers different tastes. My all time favourite was the Blueberry and Raspberry, I drank that so fast, my second best was Mango and Passionfruit because I am a huge Mango lover.
So lets get down to the nutritional info:

-Each small bottle has 20g of Protein which is a lot for the size
-Its made from 100% Cows Milk and Fruit Puree
-It's low in fat
-Naturally occurring sugar
-150 Calories per bottle

It is best to drink this drink straight after a workout to replenish your energy fast.
It is known for Milk to be the best liquid to hydrate yourself after exercising.
Except for these drinks being extremely yummy, there has to be a downside to them.
To give an honest review as someone who is sensitive to Dairy, I have noticed that drinking these drinks regularly my skin has broke out. I don't normally drink dairy products as I always go with Almond Milk or an alternative. If your lactose intolerant it's also best to avoid these drinks and try a Hemp Protein which is a flower based extract. 
Overall, the branding of this product is catchy and I love how its a local company which is great to help support. I hope you guys can try one for yourself and let me know if you have and what you think?

Lots of love,


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