Sunday, 26 July 2015


Dress*- ASOS/ Heels*- ASOS/ Clutch*- ASOS

Photography by Alistair Corbett

Hey guys, back with a wonderful blog post in collaboration with ASOS, they gave me the challenge to pick an outfit from their Summer Occasion Wear and to take beautiful photos. I had a browse around on their online site and decided seeing as I am living near the Seaside this Summer why not choose an outfit with a Beach inspired theme. Luckily I found this incredible Maxi Dress with a Double Layer Scallop Embellished Bodice, that reminds me of scales. To then match the dress I ended up finding this Heavy Embellished Clutch by Aldo that was just perfect for the Seaside theme. All topped off with Diamond Earrings and these Holographic Heeled Sandals by New Look. What a perfect outfit right? We managed to find the best location in Swansea which is Bracelet Bay, it has a great Italian Restaurant called Castellamare where I managed to get changed. Afterwards we had a sit down and ice cream there which was yummy.

We headed down to the beach the weather was so warm and a bit windy but all in all perfect for a seaside photo-shoot. I had a great team on board, which was Alistair Corbett originally a landscape photographer but wanted to try shooting fashion, so this was really a task for him to shot a live model. He did such a great job! Then I brought along Oroma as well so she could come exploring with me as she has never been to the Mumbles before. It was the first time meeting Alistair and we all worked together really well, we had many conversations about everything and had a great laugh walking on the rocks to get to the perfect spot on the beach. I wore my New Look Sandals but they got to ruined by the rocks, that I can't even wear them again now. I had to stand bare foot sometimes and the rocks were so sharp on my feet. The dress was kind of long on me as I am under 5'0, I don't know if it would fit with the heels on as I couldn't stand up on the rocky part. But normally all maxi dresses are far too long on me. I knew though that this dress was perfect for the shoot so that's why I initially went with it. The clutch is so dreamy in person and it's a statement piece, after the shoot I took it to town on a night out and had so many compliments.

I want to thank ASOS for the wonderful outfit and I am so happy to be able to show off their incredible Summer Occasion Wear. They really made me feel like a Mermaid Princess and I hope you all enjoy the photos and don't forget to check out Alistair's amazing Landscape photography on his page here.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Hey guys, sorry haven't blogged in such a long time, I am slowly trying to make the transition to becoming a full time Fitness Blogger now, instead of Fashion. I have found that there are a lot of inspirational Fitness Bloggers on Instagram instead, so I've been spending most of my time on there. However, on Friday 17th July I hosted my first Welsh Blogger Event down in Cardiff. I invited as many people as I could and overall about 15 attended, which for the size of the place was great. I didn't really organise this too far in advance for my liking so it was a bit rushed. I just wanted to find a place and name a date and time for everyone to just all meet up and have a really long chat. It was so informal and lovely to just talk about any random subjects with all the ladies.

 I was so nervous to host this event as I hadn't really planned on any games for breaking the ice as such, so thank god Welsh Girl Problems came along. She was absolutely fantastic, everything I had expected and more from reading her Twitter and her Blog. I can't thank her enough for keeping the conversation flowing. We had an age range of 16-30 so it was lovely for the girls to really have a good chat and gain some tips and tricks from the more advanced Bloggers. Gosh if only I knew some older bloggers when I was Fifteen I'd be so thankful for their help, I had no clue about professionalism.

The location was perfect for the amount of people that came and the manager Rob at Little Man Coffee Co was very friendly and understanding that this would be a casual event so let me have the place for free for a few hours. Which I can't thank him enough for as well, being an unemployed Student Blogger I found it hard to even try and make the Event a little bit more exciting than just a chat in a Coffee Shop. So I decorated the place the best I could and having it for free was another great plus, Thanks Rob!

Thank you all so much for attending, I am chuffed that I managed to pull it off whilst being such a disorganised person. I cannot wait for Ffion's Event in September it sounds fantastic, so be sure to email her for more details if you wish to attend.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x