Sunday, 7 June 2015


Hey guys, so to kick start the Summer, Stripe Communications invited me to the Color Festival in Splott Warehouse Cardiff on Saturday. It started at 2pm and went on until midnight. I didn't have a clue what to expect all I knew that it would be messy. I managed to get a plus one on the guest list and took my uni friend along with me, I got a press pass but that didn't really give me any other bonuses within the festival. At the beginning I was allowed to go backstage and walk around where ever I wanted which was confirmed by the MTV Sourz team, then towards the night they threw me out. I did manage to get a few photos anyway so thats fine. The music was great but you have to really enjoy that kind of rave beat and unlike me I just use that sort of music for gym workouts, I couldn't dance to it, or (Skank) as they call it? I would advise you to take a lot of money or save throughout the beginning of the year for the festival. Food, powder paint and drinks were all so expensive. The atmosphere was immense though and everyone seemed to be under the influence of not only alcohol but other stuff, you need some kind of energy boost to dance from 2pm to midnight. By the time 9pm came around I had enough cider and my feet were so sore with blisters, comfortable shoes are a must. Don't wear sandals that will rub your feet, several times I had to go to first aid for plasters.

The event is an ok walking distance from the train station and yesterday it was lovely and warm so we got some big bottles of WKD and drank along the way. Cardiff was so busy with 1Direction playing in the City and the train was packed. I think if I went next year I would want to get food first and then go about 4pm instead of just after lunch because we were starving and drinking on empty stomachs, we didn't have enough energy to keep going till midnight. I'm glad I went though for the experience, everyone was so relaxed and just enjoyed the music all together, anyone you see will either dance with you or come up and start chatting.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

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