Saturday, 28 March 2015



Hey guys so after being invited to McArthur Glen Shopping Outlet, we were set the challenge to style accessories found in stores at the Outlet. It was quite difficult because you had to think what clothes you've currently got in your wardrobe that would match them. I went with a retro paisley scarf from Osprey London, Snake Print Heel Sandals from Next and a Retro Phone Case from Fossil. I wanted to make sure the accessories I chose matched the current 70s trend. I've had loads of compliments already about the scarf, Osprey London do some really unique pieces. The heels were so cheap if you worried about buying new things to be on trend, you don't have to splurge out on a £30 pair of heels. When putting this outfit together though I think it would have looked so much better with a pair of denim flares, rather than these camel coloured leggings newly bought from New Look. When I tried them on in the changing rooms it was fairly dark and they made my legs look great. But you have to realise that skin coloured leggings or trousers can cause a bit of a problem, now I regret buying them. Hope your all having a lovely Easter so far, I've got so much work to do this holidays.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

Monday, 23 March 2015


On Saturday I got invited to McArthur Glen Shopping Outlet in Bridgend along with my current Blogger bud, Oroma. We got an early train to Bridgend station then a taxi to the Outlet which wasn't long at all.
We were given vouchers to spend in the Outlet Stores and was given the task to find the best Accessories to style. Oroma had never been there before but I had so I knew my way around. 

We both began by browsing in all of the stores, it looks like they are aimed at an older generation and there are lots of Outdoor Activity Shops if you needed to buy stuff to go on Holiday, like Suitcases e.t.c. But if you look really closely and have the patience you can find some real gems. I think Oroma preferred the Sports Shops on her hunt for Trainers that she likes to wear. 

There were some lovely bags on sale in Clarks Outlet and some real nice pure leather pieces if you prefer to buy real leather than faux.

My favourite shop was the Ted Baker Outlet and Whittard of Chelsea Tea Shop.

We both decided to go and have some food in the Food Court and think about what we would like to buy. I went with noodles from the Chopstix Noodle Bar.

Easter was definitely in the air at McArthur Glen with this cute selection of Bunny Cake Candles at the Yankee Candle shop which smell beautiful. Oh and the cute cupcakes in the food court by Millies Cookies looked too good to eat.

Oroma and I both got a selection of four cupcakes to take back on the journey home, they were the best I've ever tasted mmmhmm.

On the train home we were both so tired, Oroma managed to buy three expensive things and yet I bought lots of little things and ended up coming home with loads of bags. I wanted to find Accessories to match outfits with and also lots of Lifestyle and Home Decor because I was thinking of starting Lifestyle Blogging soon.

The managers and shop assistants were a bit suspicious of us taking photos of the Store even though we explained what we were Bloggers of the day, that is why most of my photos are taken via my iPhone instead. 

Here is what I bought:

-Dolce by Dolce Gabbana 75ml bottle  from The Fragrance Shop (which is my all time favourite Spring Scent) Retail price: £64.99 Outlet price: £64 with a Free Gift, Si Sample Set by Giorgio Armani

-Phone Case with Dried Flowers by Katy Perry Prism in Claire's Accessories Retail Price £12, Outlet Price £8.40

- Paisley Scarf by Osprey London Retail Price £49 I bought it in the outlet for £22.50

-Retro Print Purse by Fossil Retail Price £49 Outlet Price £7.50
-Retro Print Wallet by Fossil, Retail Price £49 Outlet Price £5.00
-Phone case from Fossil, Retail Price £19 bought for £7.99

-Snake Rucksack in Next Outlet Retail £30 Outlet Price: £12
-Snake Platforms in Next Outlet Retail £20 Outlet Price: £13
-Black Tan Sandals in Next Outlet Retail £30 Outlet Price £20

-Harrison Stripe Cover Double Duvet 100% Cotton from Bedeck - Retail Price £70 Outlet £35
-x2 Matching Pillow Cases 100% Cotton Retail £15 Outlet £7.50

-Buckland Spot Mug from Whittard of Chelsea -  £6.00
-Stripe Cup and Saucer £8.00
-Spot Tea Pot £18
-Stripe Plate £6.00
-Earl Grey Loose Tea with Strainer £10

-Rimmel Red Lipstick in Shade 'Diva Red' from Beauty Outlet Retail Price: £6.49 Outlet Price £2.99
-Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in Nude Retail Price £7.99 Outlet £2.99
-Eyeliner Sharpener 99p

Thursday, 19 March 2015


Purple Floppy Hat*- A MIDNIGHT WONDERLAND BOUTIQUE/ Orange Crop Ribbed Top- NEW LOOK/ Cardigan- HM/ Trousers- CHARITY SHOP/ Boots- NEW LOOK/ Sunglasses- PRIMARK/ Bag- NEW LOOK

Hey guys so yesterday Oroma and I met up again and we had a walk around town. I made her try the Mango Bubble Tea for the first time at Boobo Tea. Then we headed to Holland and Barrett and I got a pic n mix of fruits and nuts, which was quite yummy but not so great for the price. I bought some new make up products from L'oreal to try out, it was in the 3 for 2 offer so I was tempted to try the True Match Foundation. I am slowly starting to become more interested in experimenting with new make up products, I previous had a L'oreal Foundation suggested by someone on Youtube  but the consistency was too runny.

We headed into town to take photos and these young boys were trying to get into the shot which was quite funny, we ended up going somewhere quieter. We had to stand in the road to take photos in front of the building and cars kept nearly running us over, at one point a man pulled a face at Oroma and then he tripped over the pavement. I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

My outfit was bought last week when I went on a spending spree at New Look, I got a new Suede Leather bag which is great and its spacious for Uni. This new purple hat is my favourite it goes with all of my clothes and it's from a Welsh Boutique called A Midnight Wonderland, that stocks really affordable priced pieces. The shipping was quick as well so that's always a plus with buying items online.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

(Photos from Oroma's Twitter)

Sunday, 15 March 2015


(Photos picked from my Instagram

Hey guys, I am a week behind with the Sunday Summary posts because nothing much happened during the first week of March that was exciting enough really.  I celebrated St. Davids Day by making fresh homemade Welsh Cakes which tasted amazing. I gave some to my housemates and then ate the entire plate myself, whoops. However, on the first weekend of March I finally planned to meet another Blogger based in the area called Oroma and she the photos of my two Monochrome outfits, you can see the posts here and here. With her help this photos received great feedback on Lookbook, it really makes a difference when you can get other people to take your photos, only now I am starting to realise that. It's the confidence you have to have within yourself to relax in front of the camera and then trust within the person to make sure they get your good angles. March is going to be a bit hectic now with lots of presentations and deadlines in Uni, but Easter is not far away and I'm excited about planning some shoots. This year the pastels aren't coming out for Spring because I think it can get a bit boring each year to associated Spring Trends with Pinks and Yellows, so I'm trying to mix it up with a 70s earthy tones this Season.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hat- TOPSHOP/ Jacket- HM / Blouse- TOPSHOP with added DIY bow/ Jeans- MISS SELFRIDGE/ Boots- NEW LOOK/ Bag- OASAP/ Sunglasses- PRIMARK

Hey guys, back with more photos that the wonderful Oroma took Sunday. I can't get over how beautiful they are, I was meaning to post this Tassel Jacket that I got from HM for a while now, but couldn't find a grand enough location. It was only £20 in the January sales down from £60 such a great bargain and it matches this seasons seventies trend. I then came across this Georgian Building suggested by a relative and it matched it perfectly. Both outfit photos have had such a great response on Lookbook and that's probably because they look more professional than my other previous photos, where I would hope the camera would focus along side with my self timer. It is quite embarrassing posing in front of the camera for someone you don't really know, but I found it easier because Oroma was a blogger herself. It makes such a tremendous difference to the outfit when the background is blurred out and I never realised its so easy to achieve if you have the right lens and assistant of course. Hope your having a good week, despite this miserable weather.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

Monday, 9 March 2015


Hat- TOPSHOP/ Houndstooth Blazer- Handmade by my Grandmother/ Jeans- MISS SELFRIDGE/ Boots- NEW LOOK/ Bag- OASAP/ Blouse with DIY Black Bow- TOPSHOP/ Circle Sunglasses- PRIMARK

Hey guys haven't blogged in a while but back with a lovely collaboration post with Oroma, a fellow Welsh Blogger. I met her at the Vintage Market you can read about it here, where she stood in front of me to take a photo, and by stealing the shot, I knew she was a blogger! We planned a shoot at the old Georgian Hall. The outside wasn't as pretty as the photos on Google, but we went with it. I took her photos and she took mine, it was the first time meeting her and we got along so well. I have to admit it's nice meeting a petite lady like myself I tend to feel more comfortable. It was quite cold so we popped inside for a cup of tea and the interior was beautiful. Oroma and I share the love of Vintage things so we both can relate to the love for Vintage shopping. This Houndstooth print was actually handmade by my Grandmother, ages ago when she was younger. If she could see me wearing it now and being third place on Lookbook she would be so proud. I've been a member of LB since 2008 and I have never ever thought I'd be at the top of the hot page, it doesn't sound like a big deal but it is to me. I hope to shoot again sometime soon with Oroma and get to know her a bit better, its great when someone else can take your photos for you, we had a right laugh together doing funny poses. Hope you all enjoy the photos.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x